Jamie Campbell-Bower is Coming for Robert Pattinson

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Life certainly seems easy for Robert Pattinson.

He stars in popular movies, he's ogled at by women everywhere, he goes home to Kristen Stewart almost every night.

But the man that plays Edward Cullen is always looking over his shoulder, wondering who the next young stud that threatens his place in the Hollywood pecking order will be.

Enter Jamie Campbell-Bower.

This rising star is also British, also dons wild hair and has also landed a critical role in New Moon, one directly opposed to that of Pattinson. Campbell-Bower will play Caius, the leader of the Volturi. It's safe to say that he and Cullen don't agree on one major issue:

Edward wants to love Bella, while Caius was to kill Bella. Awkward!

Jamie Campbell-Bower Photo

Jamie Campbell-Bower is about to make life a lot more difficult for Robert Pattinson, on and off screen.

Who will win the battle between Campbell-Bower and Pattinson? The latter is next starring in a random movie called Remember Me, while the former will portray Gellert Grindelwald in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Advantage, Jaime? You tell us.

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I thought Jaime was too good of an actor to be in New Moon. He's extremely talented. Great singer. He will go far in this town..


um,no!!! rob better stay.he is soooo smexy!!!and he needs to stay with kristen...................oh and rob i soooo am in love with u [my b.f.f.s are 2


bah! it is obvious that robert is the best. If jamie were a smart guy, he would not try to compete with rob.


Comparing Jamie to Rob is like comparing a good wine to water. there is no comparison. I don't know who this Jamie guy is, but he does nothing for me. Rob on the other hand, has everything going for him. he's beautiful, talented, modest as hell, with him what you see is what you get. he doesn't hide behind a mask. he's genuinely a nice guy, his looks and personality are just icing on the cake.


Well i have a couple of people with me here and i have asked them for their opinion and here it is - All of them say Jamie is no match for Rob at all. He looks like a Man/woman. Rob has something special for the female kind - it is almost untangiable, its not only his acting skills or the fact that his resume' contains music and instruments, its something more, its his personality!!! coupled with aura of 'what you see is what you get' and 'do with me what you want' attitude that draws young women to him. He has the height, the voice, the smile, he is witty, funny, well informed, observant.......It will be hard for Jamie to live up to that.


Aro is actually the leader of the Volturi. With regards to Taylor.....no painted pecs there!


No contest at all. ROBERT PATTINSON will always be #1.


Rob will always be the winner he is sooo hot!!!!!


Goes home to Kristen stewart every night? Are they dating?


ok, Jamie looks like a flat chested girl... how he got cast as Caius I dont know, but he got lucky in my opinion. Guess I'll see in Nov when New Moon comes out, but there's no contest between them.

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