Jamie Campbell-Bower is Coming for Robert Pattinson

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Life certainly seems easy for Robert Pattinson.

He stars in popular movies, he's ogled at by women everywhere, he goes home to Kristen Stewart almost every night.

But the man that plays Edward Cullen is always looking over his shoulder, wondering who the next young stud that threatens his place in the Hollywood pecking order will be.

Enter Jamie Campbell-Bower.

This rising star is also British, also dons wild hair and has also landed a critical role in New Moon, one directly opposed to that of Pattinson. Campbell-Bower will play Caius, the leader of the Volturi. It's safe to say that he and Cullen don't agree on one major issue:

Edward wants to love Bella, while Caius was to kill Bella. Awkward!

Jamie Campbell-Bower Photo

Jamie Campbell-Bower is about to make life a lot more difficult for Robert Pattinson, on and off screen.

Who will win the battle between Campbell-Bower and Pattinson? The latter is next starring in a random movie called Remember Me, while the former will portray Gellert Grindelwald in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Advantage, Jaime? You tell us.

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Jamie will be a big hit he might actually be better then edward but they are both great actors ..


rob is ok but i think jamie is so hot. plus jamie seems like a nice guy and fun to be around and rob to me is kind of like a card bourd box.


ambos son hermosos jamie parece ser hiper simpatico y rob es hiper tierno no puedo decidirme


no me puedo decider por ninguno ambos so hermosos y re talentosos jamie parece ser super simpatico


i dont give a rats hairy ass about rpatz:)) i dont care if all you girls hate meh its just my opinion.....so even though jamie isnt so cute id rather choose him then r patz


i agree^^^^ robert is hawt as edward cullen but jamie is hawt as jamie:)


my homie gee is up there:] (and next to me:))


i luv robert pattinson as edward cullen!!! HES SO FREAKIN HAWT,,,,,,,,,but scince were talking about rpatz in general i pick jamie better:)


i luv jamie always :)r patz can screw himself


of course jamie why even put this question

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