Introducing: The Volturi!

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Granted, it might not get more exciting than New Moon clips that feature a shirtless Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson.

But we've uncovered the first picture of the entire Volturi clan, the group of vampires in the sequel that enforce the laws of their unique, dangerous world.

Kristen, Robert and Taylor

It's already been announced that Noot Seear will portray one of the leaders of the coven, Heidi. 

She's not shown here, but British hottie Jamie Campbell-Bower is freaky in the role of Caius and Dakota Fanning looks positively evil as Jane in the promotional photo below:

The Volturi will make life difficult for Bella in New Moon, which is scheduled for a November 20 release. Can you wait that long for it?

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wow alec is hot :)


Terrible choice for Aro, IMO.


Great they look awesum really like volturi now i really want to see movie
team edward


looks cool i cant wait!!!!!!!


Okay never mind. I found a clearer version of the photo on and she's wearing a hood. Still looks great though. =)


Alec looks


woww this looks really cool! ....but wheres dimitri and felix?
they're the leaders too and they HAVE to be apart of the volturi....


ok, they look sooooooo scary...............I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! TEAM JCB!


wow Dakota looks really good. im use to seeing her as a good sweet characters and i thought that was the only way i could see her, but now i think i can actually feel ok with her being in new moon. Go Dakota


Woaoow!! They've certainly done a great job on make-up (and/or editing) here. They look terrifying! Perfect for the Volturi. Although, isn't Jane meant to be blonde?