Holly Madison and Criss Angel: Back Together!

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Perhaps the love between good friend Kendra Wilkinson and her new husband Hank Baskett rubbed off on Holly Madison.

Or maybe Criss Angel has performed his greatest magic trick yet.

But whatever the motivation, Star Magazine reports that the former Playboy model has rekindled her relationship with the Las Vegas magician. The couple had broken up in March.

“Holly still had feelings for Criss, so around mid-June she gave him a call,” said a source. “She was thrilled when he asked to meet for drinks. They’ve seen each other a few times since!”

Guess Madison won't be going back to Hugh Hefner after all. Sorry, old man.

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This is the most ignerant shit I have ever read.


Hey Diogo! You are and idiot! Clearly you only sound like a jaded one night stand! Secondly, to say a man that loved his father so much, was his best friend and #1 fan, didn't do any magic for 2yrs after his father's death sold his beloved father's soul to the devil is probably one of the most absurd things I've ever heard. Just form reading your comments, tells me you may want to consider getting some psychiatric help, come back down to reality, and learn how to spell for fuck sake!


@DIOGO. You are the epitome of pathetic. You're making accusations and assumptions about him. Unless you have from his mouth the words that admit he caused the death of his father -who died from cancer, FYI- by selling both his and his own soul. Shut the fuck up and grow the hell up.


HEY DIOGO are you drunk? that is the most stupid thing i ever heard! you dont know what you talking about, criss doesn't have powers, is years and years of hard training, and as the word says it's an illussion!magic tricks, so stop talking shit, and i know this best cause christopher is my cousin,i live in Las Vegas, With him and my Family! he is like my big brother, and dont you dare to talk about his father(my uncle) you disrespectful ASSHOLE)! get a life dick head!


is a ogli bad, bad and bad


dont you know criss angel is wokshiper of devil?? then you should no now. becarfeler with criss is really dangerous person. everetyme he does the shows is get possed i mean evil spirits they get inside of criss angel then thats way he can do these supernatural powers. i know something probaly you want believe.but you have to believe on me have kill hes own father to sell hes father soul and is own soul to get rich,looks,supernatural powers,talk to death people,eternety means never die, all the girls he want by possed them have sex, sex, famous, negative energys, he can do what he wnant i know alot because im one of them but i dint kill enione. so next time dont speak with him .the he makes disaper they going to hell????? then his getting so much power on him


ok so yea they do look like a geat couple but dating a playboy bunny really wouldn't be the best idea but that's just my opinion and i hope that no one ever gets heart broken


i think thats great they make a really good couple i am so glad they are back togethier they are both so nice i hope they get marred

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Holly Madison is a Playboy model and the ex-girlfriend of Hugh Hefner. As for Madison, she is best known for getting naked a lot and... More »
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We are no closer to getting married than we were years ago. It's like a car stalled at the side of the road.

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I have no pull anymore. Hef and I aren't together.

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