Hailey Glassman Mug Shot, Drunken Pics Uncovered

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Being a party animal may be fun and all, but the downside is having pictures (or mug shots) taken of you that may be posted online later for public mockery.

Such is life for Jon Gosselin's new girlfriend Hailey Glassman.

Turns out the 22-year-old, who went public with the newly single father of eight in St. Tropez over the weekend - was arrested outside an Indiana University dorm in 2005, when she was a student at the Bloomington, Ind. campus.

Hailey Glassman and five friends were hanging out in a parking lot when a cop spotted the group "passing a pipe back and forth, which is consistent with marijuana," and arrested them for (you guessed it) possession of marijuana.

This sexy mug shot resulted ...

Hailey Glassman Mug Shot

The marijuana case was settled outside of court, and a judgment was withheld after Hailey Glassman paid fines and court costs and was placed on probation.

While celebrity mug shots are always entertaining, Hailey's has nothing on the all-time classic image below, recently uncovered by Oh No They Didn't!

What appears to have transpired here is Hailey Glassman attempting to ride a large plant, only to topple over and face plant into an unsuspecting wall.

Is there any question why Jon wanted to separate from Kate so bad? His new girlfriend is just so much fun. What a great role model stepmom she'd be ...

WHEN DRUNKEN ANTICS GO AWRY: Hailey Glassman meets wall.


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Hailey Glassman became Jon Gosselin's new plaything after he divorced wife Kate in mid-2009. Prior to Hailey Glassman, Jon was doing... More »
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