Hailey Glassman Loved "Coke Diet" and Partook in "Tag Team Action," Source Claims

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Friends of Hailey Glassman are standing up for her on Facebook.

Others? Not so much.

As Glassman continues to make news as Jon Gosselin's post-divorce girlfriend, stories of her sordid, bisexual, fame-mongering past are being spilled by former acquaintances and classmates.

The latest is courtesy of an anonymous source that attended Indiana University with Hailey.

Speaking to The Superficial, and possibly making it up as she went along, this insider focused on Glassman's history of cocaine and football player use:

"Over winter break the first year, she lost 20 pounds. When girls on the floor asked for her secret she said two word..."coke diet," the random Indiana alumnus said. "I also talked with her after sophomore spring break in Acapulco and she told some crazy stories involving her and a certain varsity athletic team.

"She spent all week hosting several football players in her room including then-quarterback Blake Powers. The room was definitely not the only thing she provided (I heard about definite tag team action)... all on daddy's credit card of course. The girl started out sweet, but got consumed with the drugs; those kids better watch out before there daddy gets addicted to nose candy."

Blake Powers

When not giving the ball to a running back, former Indiana quarterback Blake Powers was reportedly giving it to Hailey Glassman... if you know what we mean!

First of all, Blake Powers sounds like a made-up name; although apparently that really is him pictured above.

Secondly, did this anonymous individual really just warn the eight Gosselin children about their father's impending addiction to cocaine?

Third, if this report is somehow true, might Jon have actually downgraded from Kate Gosselin?!? We didn't think that was possible.

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check this out then!!


These people are beyond tacky. Nice girlfriend, Gosselin.


Lets face it, whether this stuff is true or not, why would a 22 yr old want to date a pudgy 32 yr old man-boy with a wife and eight, thats 8, children?