Giant Boob Alert: Kobe Bryant, Wife's Cleavage

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In 2004, soon after Kobe Bryant was accused of sexual assault and admitted to cheating on his wife, he bought Vanessa Bryant an eight-carat diamond ring.

Based on photos of the couple at this year's ESPY Awards, it's clear why: he needed something large enough to match her breasts! (And he had to apologize for the whole infidelity, accusatory rape thing.)

Indeed, Kobe has been nominated for Best Male Athlete and Best Championship Performance at this year's ESPN-sponsored ceremony, but his wife has already sewn up the award for Most Ridiculous, Gigantic Cleavage.

As you can see below, her nipples have also won Most Unwelcome Red Carpet Guests. Put those things away, Vanessa!

The Nipples of Vanessa Bryant
Vanessa Bryant, Nipples

[Photos: Fame Pictures]

Based on his attitude and general awfulness as a human being, we think Kobe Bryant is a piece of $hit.

In related news, Vanessa was accused of forcing her former maid to wipe her hand with dog feces earlier this year.

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Hi Kobe Bryant how are you doing today


KOBE BRYANT is awesome his mad skills in basketball are crazy!!. But his so HOTT that he could get a prettier & so much hotter wife than vannessa!!.. Go LAXERS


Kobe needs to be shot letting her walk out the house looking like a skeet,skeet. Man you can see her bulls eye patch areola ! That's not cute boo boo, u have to much money to look like a ten dollar trick !!!!!! But she looks way better than Khloe Kardashian fat pie face looking ass.


Well...there's o need to show those..


so you guys just gonna sit here and try to talk down on people and there actions/styles without putting your life out there. if you have a wife that looks better than her, than please post here up and any female talking down on her is most likely jealous.


hold on yall shytin on kobe and his wife wowww were r da pics of yall wifes or husbands yall made these comments, yall alright but dats dem and yall dont have no riches we all no money is not goin 2 promote 2 happiness just let nature take it course if they r not happy they'll split wowww it seems 2 b alot of HATERS, kobe sexy v watchum da after yall


Whose boobs are THAT big, yet the nipples are almost sitting in her cleavage? I've seen a lot of boobs in my day, natural and fake, and have never seen any with nipples that far off center. I think the photo has been to the photoshop lab. And without the nipples poking out, the dress is fine - no different than anything else we're used to seeing in Hollywood.


f@#!ing haters.


i think shes sexy


The author of this article must be leading a perfect life by example? otherwise I see no reason to denigrate Kobe Bryant for his past action which he asked for forgiveness. Maybe you dont believe in forgiving because you dont make mistakes? Nevetheless, what takes in there relationship is no on your business. NO GUY WOULD EVER TURN DOWN VANESSA BRYANT AND SHE LOOKS BETTER THAN 99.9% OF THE GIRLS COMMENTING ON HER.

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