Gay-Hating, Close-Minded Morons Bash Adam Lambert, Picket American Idol Concert

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In an incomprehensible, depressing state of human affairs, anti-gay demonstrators protested Adam Lambert at an American Idol concert in San Jose on Sunday.

Members of the hate-filled, close-minded, controversial Westboro Baptist Church were spotted outside the HP Pavilion, carrying signs that criticized homosexuals and chanting about Lambert's sexuality.

The season eight runner-up revealed his sexual preference in an interview with Rolling Stone last month, a few weeks after he finished second to Kris Allen on the Fox series.

Out and Proud

Keep smiling, Adam Lambert. You have far more fans than critics.

Fortunately, Lambert's fellow American Idol finalists have his back. Michael Sarver told fans inside the venue that his friend wasn't fazed by the idiots outside.

"Funny how people think it's a good idea to mess with a big Texan and his AI family," Sarver Twetted. "Adam is just fine, shakes it off and so should we.

"We are together in this thing. You mess with one you mess with all ten. We are strong and we are 1. For those outside protesting I say do not judge less ye be judged yourself. Guys don't mind these people, we are a strong family."

Seriously, who does such a thing?!? These protesters had just one goal in mind: to spread hate. We pity them and their sorry existence.


Whether it was about Adam or whether it wasn't, the best thing to do if you don't like something or someone is to just keep your mouth shut and just let it be, because nothing you do or say is going to change anyone or anything. Period.


The protests were not about Adam Lambert. Period!!! Somebody is trying to divert things and point it to Adam!


The protests were not about Adam. So who twittered that Adam was the cause of this? I guess Adam is really that famous now that people want to comment about him.


Based on what I have read, the protests were not really about Adam. So why should Sarver say that it was about Adam? But then, who cares about these people? They are a group of depraved lunatics who just want attention. Why dont they just pray in silence, as what the Bible says.


Who started this " It was about Adam" thing?????
listen to what Adam fans ( like me)who were in line at the San Jose concert are saying-
THE PROTESTORS - OR THEIR SIGNS - SAID NOTHING ABOUT GAYS OR INDIVIDUALS.As somebody else said (WHO WAS THERE) - it was the word IDOL that they objected too.
I can tell you that they were heckled back !
The only near mention to Adam that i heard -was when they 'reminded' us that we would 'burn in Hell' -if we werent following God as our Idol and so some body shouted out "RING OF FIRE -ADAAAAAAAAAAM " !!!!!!
Whoever said " it was about Gays" is trying to cause drama- and stir things up. I doubt ANY of our artists inside heard any of it- just somebody Twatting on Twitter maybe !
Adam dislikes drama- and he would be the last one to want us to start bashing the Churches- and label him as the cause.


Mark my words, one of these days lightening will strike these bug-eyed bible swinging idiots and burn their butts to a crisp, hallelujah and glory be.


Regardless of what the protest was actually about, Adam Lambert has a huge fan base already, of every age, sex,etc.
The acceptance of Adam by fans was there from the start, and it was due to his talent, good looks, kindness and sincerity that was always evident. Adam Lambert is a gentleman and a sexy beast, in one glamorous pkg. I wish him well in all things.


It always amazes me about those who are so "preachy" to others. I believe it is similar to insecure people who act overly confident; these right wing Christian "do gooders" probably have a lot to hide in their own lives, and won't own up to it (just like all of the preachy Republicans who are having affairs). Why don't all of you just keep your mouths shut, stop telling others what they should be doing -- we're fine thank you. Just go home and shut up. Love you Adam! You're the best.


The only real evil in this world are the judgemental haters. They are unfortunately the worst kind of hypocrite and while it is very difficult to show compassion for these poor souls because they need it the most I send them love and light as hate only begets hate. Their karma will catch up to them.


All the members in the Westboro Baptist Church! You are so NAIVE! Go home and LOOK IN THE MIRROR!

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