Final Michael Jackson Rehearsal Video Released

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The last video of Michael Jackson - filmed just two days before he died - in preparation for his This Is It! tour has surfaced, and shows what might have been.

Here's MJ tearing into "They Don't Care About Us" ...

While tour organizer AEG Live has started refunding the roughly $85 million worth of tickets for Jackson's 50-night London run, but is also offering buyers the option of claiming the one-of-a-kind, Jackson-designed tickets as souvenirs.

"It is one of the hottest items on the memorabilia market right now," says an E! source working on the AEG-sanctioned refunding process. "People realize they can get more money selling them to collectors than getting a refund."

Tickets to the O2 arena shows are still selling for as much as $400.

Meanwhile, AEG is said to be planning to release Jackson's rehearsal footage on CD and DVD, packaged as "live concert" recordings. A movie is also being considered.

The entertainment conglomerate, which also owns L.A.'s Staples Center, where a funeral for Michael Jackson is set to take place Tuesday, is contemplating the idea of turning its planned MJ extravaganza into some sort of tribute event.


What? You saying he should be as good as he was when he was like 30 or somthing? The guy is 50 when he did this...what do u think, of course he wount be as good as he was in the "glory days" HIS 50 YEARS OLD!!! Its amazing that he can still do this amount of dance at his age.


wow i love this i was about to cry love ya mj


This clip is not all that impressive. I thought Michael was amazing back in the day, but looking at this i realize it was because he was groundbreaking - the first entertainer to dance and perform as he did. Although he deserves the credit for that, many performers today have surpassed him. He seems dated.


leave the poor man alone, what did he ever do to you ? he let you listen to AMAZING music that's what! now shut your face! whether he did do all those things or not, he was a very gifted amazing performer and you will never be better than him ha.. yah mum :)


check this out then:


hmm TBH im not seeing anything new here. he did this routine on his last tour..


Very nice. I hope I can get hold of one of those tickets! Your Daily Word


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