Erin Andrews Peephole Video Clip Aired By CBS

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It comes as no surprise that Fox & Friends aired numerous still photos from the peephole video taken of Erin Andrews, naked, changing in her hotel room.

But CBS' The Early Show showing several seconds of the video? Wow.

Sure, The Early Show blurred out Erin Andrews nude. But it marks the lowest of low points for a network that once boasted "the most trusted man in America," the late Walter Cronkite, as the face of its news department.

Cronkite died the same weekend as the Andrews tape leaked. How fitting.

The endless fascination over a video filmed without Andrews' consent - she is not an exhibitionist, just a reporter who does her job, and well - is a shame in that it sets female journalists back when she is just a victim in this.

Fox on Andrews

Fox News aired pics from the Erin Andrews peephole video shot by a "creep voyeur." This is to be expected from Fox News, of course. But CBS stooping that low?

Good to see that a shameless drive for ratings at the expense of the public or an innocent woman's reputation can even happen at a real network. Nice.

Reporting the story is one thing, but to actually air portions of the video? Unless they are secretly giving viewers viruses, we completely disapprove.

ESPN is looking into reports that someone familiar with Andrews' schedule did this at two different hotels. Whoever filmed the hotel video of Erin Andrews naked has since been trying to hawk the pics and tape to the highest bidder.

We can't wait until the perv is brought to justice and we can report it here. Until then, click to enlarge clothed, but still gorgeous Erin Andrews pics:


This silly-assed rag denigrating FOX News? That's about par for any unit of the LameStream media.


This Rag is just another cheap shot at Fox news The only truthful news network left. Which is why this rag hates Fox, because they hate truth. But the truth is in the ratings and the truth is more people watch Fox news than any other network ! Gee I guess all those people must not be able to see the truth.


All her fans should write to Larry Flynt and petition him to have her pose for his very famous magazine.


Where can you see the video? Dean Cooper says, WWWHHHEEEERRRREEEEEE can I see it. She is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOT


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Where did you see the video?


I saw the video... it was staged. She did this for publicty...


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