Eminem Implies He Still Has Mariah Carey Nude Pictures, Slams Mr. & Mrs. Nick Cannon Again

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Eminem has once again gone back to the seemingly endless well of celebrity disses and pulled out a new diatribe directed at Mr. and Mrs. Nick Cannon.

The reason (not that he's ever needed one) - he's firing back at Mariah Carey's recent Slim Shady-channeling video for her single, "Obsession."

In "The Warning," Eminem raps:

"I got the exact same tattoo that's on Nick's back, I'm obsessed now, oh gee, is that supposed to be me in the video with the goatee?"

He goes on to gloat about the time Mariah "was wild 'n' out before Nick" and when he himself gave Carey "somethin' to smile about." Wow.

This all started, we think, because Carey has made light of her reported relationship with Eminem back in 2001, and the rapper is clearly pissed.

Eminem gave Carey a shout-out in his recent tune "Bagpipes From Baghdad," which included a pointed suggestion to Cannon to "back the f*%k up."

Cannon responded in May that "homeboy is still obsessed with my wife."

A few days later, Eminem implied to listeners of the satellite radio show he was hosting that he had once urinated on the superstar. On purpose.

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The Cannons

Get ready for Eminem vs. Nick and Mariah, Round 10. [Photos: Fame Pictures]

Back to Team Cannon. Earlier this year, Carey dressed up like Eminem and poked no small amount of fun at him in her music video for "Obsessed."

Which brings us to "The Warning," in which Eminem scaldingly raps:

"You probably think if I had something on you I woulda did it by now, on the contrary, Mary Poppins, I'm mixing our studio session down and sending it off to mastering to make it loud, enough dirt on you to murder you, this is what the f--k I do..."

"Mariah, it ever occur to you that I still have pictures?"

Oh, boy. "But if I'm embarrassing me, I'm embarrassing you and don't you dare say it isn't true," he continues later in the track.

"As long as the song's getting airplay I'm dissing you, I'm a hair away from getting carried away and getting sued, I was gonna stop at 16, this is 32, this is 34 bars, we ain't even a third of the way through."

Bottom line? Don't expect to outlast Eminem in a feud.

Whose side are you on?


Eminem is only giving Mariah back what she gave him, but better and actually directly to her instead of dressing up like he's still 9 years old. You've got to give Eminem credit for them lyrics though, he's a brilliant rapper no wonder he has so much love it's unreal. Eminem is the real deal, and raps about life (when he's not doing drugs) Don't fuck him over just because he was fucked over before this song many times before. He make songs to throw back the shit that was thrown at him when he was younger.


think about it people you are married and a singer and you made a few mistakes pictures (nude dont mean your a whore!) and a rapper wont leave you alone and let you live your life I bet mostly everyone here has nude pictures too so judge your self. Mariah and Nick I hope everything gets better I am 100% your fan Mariah


Eminem can should stop and leave Mariah alone he can someone else and I lost all my respect for him! leave people alone


Mariah Carey is a slut. Dat bitch is a illuminati, so no one chat shit. @teamshady. I love you eminem


Eminem has no respect for women. His ex-wife, his mother, his ex-lovers (or alleged ex-lovers, in Mariah's case)... any dude with any class at all would have dropped the whole thing years ago. Look at Mariah, she's happy, successful, and actually seemed to be having good-natured fun in "Obsessed." But Eminem's crazy. He's genuinely furious, spewing vitriol that would make the women in his life (if there were any besides his daughter) embarrassed. This is not even a "feud." This is a creepy white guy stalker who happens to be rich, famous, and a talented rapper. If only he'd confine his rage to the political things, like the Iraq War; that was some of his best work.


This people they fool us they still have true love


um eminem won and ya need to stop protecting mariah shhe got caught she fuck shady she send him pics everything eminem would not get mad if she was telling the truth which she wasnt so stfu about i and move on ya cant get mad over the fact that eminem spoke his mind out on that music video and shet mariah up becuz she is a lier she just need to ed-mitt the fact that she hhad something with shady datz it why u think she aint do a video back cuz she go scared she was finna get put on blast wake up idiots i am sure ass hell ya not that stupid to realize that by now eminem is da bosss bichesss


@MotherOfMusic for your information Mariah Carey is an illuminati puppet herself so dont be slamming eminem over it... no one can disappear as an artist and then to reappear and make one popular song without any help from smart and powerful people


I never took side -- until nick refered mariah as "Our Princess" ... No. To us shes a plastic whore. Everytime i hear her singing it was like "whoooooooooo aiiiiiii loooooove yooow" thats why i never get it why is she so famous


the truth is what it is.fuck that fake arse hoe.long live illuminati .Em is a rap god

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