Ed Swiderski, Jillian Harris Blog About "After The Final Rose" Special, Life After The Bachelorette

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Having gotten engaged to Ed Swiderski on The Bachelorette finale, then gone public with him on the "After the Final Rose" special last night, Jillian Harris is retiring from blogging for good. But not before posting one last cute entry!

Not only are Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski still together, they are smitten and planning on getting married within the next 12 months. We wish them all the best.

Here's what Jillian - with special guest Ed - had to say about engagement, their journey on The Bachelorette, and what's next as they begin their life together ...

"Well ... that’s a wrap! I will keep this post short and sweet as I have an eager man waiting for me and wanting to get OUT IN PUBLIC together ... FINALLY!"

"A wise man once said, 'Love, it don’t come easy' - and that is so true. I can honestly say I have found my best friend but it didn’t come without consequences."

"Aside from the crying, surprises, drama, criticism and most importantly, hurting two incredible men that I will never forget - please know that it broke my heart."

"I never imagined in a million years I would have to let two men go that I love so dearly in order to be with the man that I want to spend the rest of my life with."

Ed Swiderski and Jillian Harris on The Bachelorette, and in real life.

"Reid and Kiptyn are unbelievable men. Some have opinions of why I should have picked one or the other. Some see why Ed was perfect for me from the start."

"I embrace ALL of your opinions. I can see why you would all think ALL three of these men would be great for me. For those who want to congratulate my happiness, THANK YOU!!! We are both EXTREMELY happy (still) and it gets better every day."

"The 'After the Final Rose' was not easy. Not for me, and not for Reid or Kiptyn I’m sure. I felt like there was no right way to deal with the situation."

"I have always been very close with my exes but have never had to confront them in a setting like this before so I was definitely hurting. There are so many fabulous memories and so many sensitive ones. All I can say is that I am lucky."

"As I type this, Ed and I are off to our FIRST outing in public, hopefully just wings and beer! I am so excited and so eager to get my normal little life back."

"Ed and I have spent the summer together (every two weeks for five days at a time) and it truly does keep on getting better and better. We have so much fun together."

"Oh wait - someone’s stealing my computer!"

"Ed here! I cannot believe the journey that we have experienced over the last few months. But we are having a blast and could not be happier."

"I want to thank everyone for their support and cheering us on."

"Jilly and I have been spending so much time together and have an incredible summer planned. THANK YOU for believing in Jilly and supporting her through this."

"She truly means the world to me and I promise you all that I will take good care of her. We are ready for a wicked life together! – Ed"

"Well, I better get going. Mr. Invisible is waiting patiently. Love you ALL, thank you soooo much!!!! I would not have gotten through this without all of your support. XOXOXOX and ALL MY LOVE, Jillian"

Well? Will Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski last?


Ni0PlQ Thanks for the news! Just was thinking about it! By the way Happy New Year to all of you:D


It is nice to know this. Thanks for the time and effort. It is well appreciated. More to come.


Jillian Harris is coming on Breakfast Television September 3 & 4 2009, co-hosting with Riaz from 6AM to 10AM on Channel 13 (in Vancouver, BC). Make sure to tune in!


This is reality. Dating is the term for getting to know them more intimately - At least they didn't refer to the bachelors as "Johns"


Jillian and Ed, You are such a awesome couple. Congratulations to you both for finding eac other. It make me smile to see you all so happy. Don't worry what people say "You made the wrong choice." I believe you made the choice your heart was telling you to make. I met my husband at a service station on May 16,1971 and we were married August 27,1971 and we are still married and happier today than we were when we married. 4 children later and 6 grandchildren it gets better everyday. You two stay strong and happy and take care of each other and always keep the laughter in your marriage you have right now and you will someday be celebrating your 60th anniversary. Thank you for making the Bachelorette so much fun this season. After Jason (BOO) I just about gave up on watching but you were such a joy to watch. I am so glad Ed came back as I know you are too. Congratulations and have a wonderful life together.


Snew, yes "yuck" is a good way to describe it. I'm glad they are happy but sleeping with 3 men in less than a week and kissing many more, sometimes within minutes of each other......YUCK. I could not have married my husband if I knew he had been kissing or sleeping with other women right before OUR date. Or doing it after spending the night with me. I wish they would change that part of this show to promote fidelity and moral values. I doesn't have to go to the other extreme but find something in the middle.


Doesn't it bother anyone she shagged the other two even after she made her decision to pick Ed?? Even if she hadn't... yuck.


Jillian and Ed...all the best to the two of you. We LOVE you together, it is so obvious that you are crazy about each other, and it's heart-warming to see the chemistry you have. We'll be waiting to hear more about your wedding plans. Thanks for a great season, and for making it so special!!! God bless!


Congratulations to Jillian and Ed. I knew all along that he was the man for you.I just love his eyes.I saw you on Abc Goodmorning show today and also on Cbs and you guys seem extremly happy.To you both I hope your love for each other continue to grow, and it is not always going to be plain sailing, as love never is but the main thing is NEVER LET THE SUN GO DOWN ON YOUR WRATH, and never go to bed without settling your differences and saying sorry to each other.I look forward to the day when ABC announce your wedding day.All God's blessings to you both.I live in Barbados, you can make it your honeymoon destination or go back to Maui as one of my son's spent his honeymoon there.


Oh how I long for the good old days! When TV consisted of quality sitcoms and weekly favorites instead of scripted, and/or staged drama to boost ratings of reality TV. Even if you believe that Jullian's experiences were no scripted, you cannot argue that Jake, Ed and Ried's return to the show, were merely producers attempting to get the network to sign for another season. You do not actually believe all of the planets and stars lined up so perfectly? Come on...get a life!

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