Did Joe Jonas and Camilla Belle Break Up?

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The big celeb rumor this morning is that Joe Jonas and Camilla Belle broke up.

Neither of the two have commented personally on the split, nor can we even find any semi-reliable source claiming this. Nevertheless, there are a bunch of new reports that they have broken up after a good couple of months of dating.

Joe, the middle and least cute of the Jonas Brothers, first met the lovely Camilla Belle on the set of his band's music video for hit song "LoveBug."

She has a starring role in that video. They began dating shortly after.

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While never publicly acknowledging that they are dating, Joe Jonas and Camilla Belle have been spotted together often, certainly looking the part. [Photos: Fame]

Regardless of whether she is broken up with Joe Jonas, Camilla Belle once was romantically linked to (gasp) Twilight and New Moon actor Robert Pattinson.

Both of them denied that claim though, insisting they're just friends.

As for Joe Jonas, he used to date emerging country star Taylor Swift.

The details of their breakup remain sketchy, though Joe denies cheating on Taylor, which she sort of asserted right after he began seeing Camilla Belle.

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omg how can you say least cute? open your eyes he's hot but thank god camilla and joe are'nt together


Yea Joe!! Camilla is ugly as Butt!!! and LEAST CUTE?! he aint the least cute they are all equal and NONE of them are ugly!


Yay Camilla, it's about time she got an upgrade :)


LEAST CUTE?! LOL. Well maybe...if by that you mean he's grogeous/beautiful and all around fantastic. Such a great personality, and voice.


get the facts straight. Joe confirmed their relationship on larry king live. And they are ALL goodlooking.


Joe was totally cute. Fuck this stupid page.


Lynn i agree! what is this site to say that Joe is the 'least' cute?? they ALL ARE!


should have said 'MOST CUTE'


WHAT THE HELL! The least cute? Hahaha whoever wrote this is so stupid.