Demi Lovato: Miley Cyrus is My BFF!

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For awhile, the Internet was abuzz with rumors of a feud between Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus.

In the latest issue of Britain's Sugar magazine, however, the Sonny With A Chance star cleared up the controversy - and said her relationship with Cyrus was anything but contentious.

Lovato told the publication that she refers to Miley as "Dragon," a reference to the movie Step Brothers.

Jokes aside, Demi said her friend has "given me so much advice." For example:

"Recently she sent me this four-page text message encouraging me and telling me she has faith in me. It was so inspiring and made me feel great – because I do get a bit overwhelmed by the paps sometimes."

Lovable Miley

Demi, of course, recently broke up with Miley's brother, Trace Cyrus. But that hasn't affected her bond with the Hannah Montana star.

As for her other celebrity friends, the Jonas Brothers, Lovato told the magazine: "Everyone asks me if I fancy them, but I totally don't!"

Are you sure, Demi? Joe Jonas is single now. Just sayin.

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at magaly. Demi ttly copied Vanessa hudgens's styyyle! and her bff Selena gomez is the only reason she's a celeb. and Miley doesn't deserve fame. she's famous coz of her dad.


people... if u said that u don't jealous, better just save your bad words for yourself. they just people like us. if the want to be a goodfriends, that's great. if you in their position to be a star who never can take a rest with all paparazzi stuff, you will understand their feelings. don't said that u don't wanna be like them because that's just bullshit. miley and demi has give so much for the world. the helped so much poor people. and what u guys doing?? asked your parent's money!! don't judge otrher person before you judge your self. ps : sorry 4 my bad english... i'm not an american


wtf leave them alone they aint done nofink wrong they have been asked if they are bff and they answered so BACK OFF!!


her best friend should and will be who she want leave her alone


jealous? in ur dreams i would never want a friend lik miley or demi!


hey everybody can have much BFF not onl one ok me i have many everybody cn have a zilion BFF k


u guys are really really really **************** i never gonn say somethin wrong about anybody and u must stop talking ba about ppl u dn't likehem well that isyou'r problem not there problem


Thats stupid demi lovato nd selena gomez are best friends


yall are so jeaolous miley and demi can hangout anytime so goin somewhere you uglys


i thought her bff was Selena? confusing....