Demi Lovato and Trace Cyrus: Twitter Talk Turns Tantalizing

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A few weeks ago, Demi Lovato told Ryan Seacrest that Trace Cyrus was simply a "really good friend."

But Lovato was either lying; didn't emphasize the really strongly enough; or forgot to add the words "... with benefits" to her description.

After all, these two rising stars have continued to flirt via Twitter, as Miley's older brother relayed the following two messages to Lovato (and thousands of others, of course) last night:

@ddlovato so soon! I'm so ready to get home to you.

@ddlovato you don't realize how excited I am! My tour manger is bookin my flight now! Your all I've thought about ever since I left town. <3

Demi's public response? So happy! <3 Ahhhh... Life is very, VERY good right now. :D :D :D

For those unversed in the world of Twitter, the pair just exchanged digital hearts back and forth. Obvi.

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Expect Demi Lovato to come out any day now and, once again, deny any relationship between her and Cyrus. But this begs the question:

Why is the duo exchanging such obvious flirtations in such a public forum?!? Have they not heard of Email? Text messaging? Can readers please explain to us the point of Tweeting directly to another individual?

Perhaps we were too quick to dub Lovato as the "anti-Miley Cyrus." She may date older men and crave attention after all.

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Are you setting the ground work for a new hate campaign?


Everyone should just leave her alone. you people don't relize that there are more important things happening in this world like the war in iraq, or the horrible economic crisis. My advice, invest some of you time in things that actully matter instead of prying into a star's personal life. (i'm not a demi h8r)


I wish people would just leave the whole thing go. Demi even said that she wouldn't lie about her relatioships. I beleive her when she says that Trace is a "really good friend." Just because one celebrity is excited about meeting another celebrity, doesn't mean that they like each other! I dont beleive ANY of the stuff that the article said, Demi doesn't crave attention!!!! And i wish people would stop making her look like the bad guy! All you people... JUST LEAVE DEMI ALONE!!!!


i think demi is perfectly fine liking Trace. He comes from a very good christian family. Everyone in this life makes mistakes and they learn from them. Their is nothing wrong with Demi liking Trace. And what if they are close friends? Friends are allowed to miss each other.


demi. . . i think u can get a better man !


Demi-do NOT turn out like Miley! DO NOT BE A LIAR SLUT and CRAVE ATTENTION! You may turn out to be another NOT role model!


Demi-do NOT turn out like Miley! DO NOT BE A LIAR SLUT and CRAVE ATTENTION! You may turn out to be another NOT role model!

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