Demi Lovato and Trace Cyrus: Twitter Talk Turns Tantalizing

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A few weeks ago, Demi Lovato told Ryan Seacrest that Trace Cyrus was simply a "really good friend."

But Lovato was either lying; didn't emphasize the really strongly enough; or forgot to add the words "... with benefits" to her description.

After all, these two rising stars have continued to flirt via Twitter, as Miley's older brother relayed the following two messages to Lovato (and thousands of others, of course) last night:

@ddlovato so soon! I'm so ready to get home to you.

@ddlovato you don't realize how excited I am! My tour manger is bookin my flight now! Your all I've thought about ever since I left town. <3

Demi's public response? So happy! <3 Ahhhh... Life is very, VERY good right now. :D :D :D

For those unversed in the world of Twitter, the pair just exchanged digital hearts back and forth. Obvi.

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Expect Demi Lovato to come out any day now and, once again, deny any relationship between her and Cyrus. But this begs the question:

Why is the duo exchanging such obvious flirtations in such a public forum?!? Have they not heard of Email? Text messaging? Can readers please explain to us the point of Tweeting directly to another individual?

Perhaps we were too quick to dub Lovato as the "anti-Miley Cyrus." She may date older men and crave attention after all.

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@Tommy Take your tattoo hate elsewhere. Tattoos have NOTHING to do with intelligence. They are beautiful works of art. And you should stop preaching about intelligence, when you can't even form a proper sentence.


Go Check Their Twitters Now They've SOOOO Broken Up They're Being HORRIBLE To Eachother.... Now I Feel Bad For Miley, She's Friends Wid Demi But Trace Is Her Brother :S xoxox


Go Check Their Twitters Now They've SOOOO Broken Up They're Being HORRIBLE To Eachother.... Now I Feel Bad For Miley, She's Friends Wid Demi But Trace Is Her Brother :S xoxox


Anyway, I know that issue of Demi and Trace. I don't like them to be couple! They awfully not fit to be together.


This is ridiculous. Stop exaggerating things! i hate this line in the article: "She may date older men and crave attention after all." I wonder why gossip articles are always exaggerated. They always come up to a conclusion, with no much proofs and basis. How could you say Demi's craving attention and etc? I know it's normal to gossip but don't sabotage celebrities. You are haters! You always say things against them. As if you don't have flaws. :P


wow demi is just as much a "slut" as miley. demi has admitted in interviews that she likes older men and can't date publicly because of it and has dated older men before secondly, if you want to be an attention whore, then you post suggestive tweets to AN OLDER GUY and then lie to everyone's faces. I like Demi but she's no angel and y'all need to stop comparing her to Miley bc I'm sure if the entire world knew Demi like Miley all her shit would come out too.


Wish Demi would open her eyes. Such a beautiful and talented young girl, throwing her life away on a guy that is sleeping with all the girls when he tours. Typical rocker! Looks like she's going to be another Valerie Bertinelli that threw about 25 years of her life away. Couldn’t tell her anything at that age either, but ask her now and she will tell you she wasted her young life. Demi has so much promise, but that will all go away soon if she gets mixed up with Trace I'm sleeping with everybody when I tour Cyrus. And the tattoos show his intelligence. A tattoo or two placed strategically on your body is ok. But putting them on your whole body won’t be cool for his kids to look up to some day. Don’t really think he cares though. I feel sorry for Demi, but looks like another Disney train wreck coming soon. Oh by the way isn’t it a coincidence that Demi looks considerably like trace’s ex, Hannah Beth.


His bands music is dreadful? Are you talking about Metro Station?! Thats the best bad EVER!!!!!!! They are HUUUUGE in the UK!!!! Seriously, they are amazing! Him and Demi are s strange couple in my opinion, but whatever, its got nothing to do with me.


He's incredibly ugly. His band's music is dreadful. I can't stand any of these Disney puppets. They're all damn fake, ready for retarded to follow them and their "music". Give me a break.


ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww he is so ugly but its not my choice to say not to go out with because im not the one who knows him

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