Debbie Rowe: Gimme the Kids!

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Debbie Rowe plans to fight for custody of her two children - Prince, 12, and Paris, 11 - with the late Michael Jackson, according to the star's ex-wife herself.

"I want my children," Rowe told NBCLA's Chuck Henry.

While the interview was not broadcast, Rowe allegedly told Henry that she will seek a restraining order to keep Jackson's dad, Joseph, away from the kids.

"I am stepping up," Rowe said. "I have to."

Rowe also said she was willing to submit to any testing, including DNA to prove that she is the children's biological mother in the looming custody fight.

She also said she would submit to psychological testing.

Rowe wed Jackson in 1996. He was a patient of dermatologist Arnold Klein, for whom she worked as a nurse. The children were born via artificial insemination.

Us Weekly reports that Arnold Klein is the children's biological father. Separate reports on TMZ suggest Debbie Rowe is not the real mother of the kids, either.

In his last will, Michael Jackson named his mother Katherine as guardian of his three children – Prince, Paris and Blanket, 7. If Katherine died before him or couldn't serve, Jackson nominated Diana Ross as their guardian.

Katherine has temporary legal guardianship of the children at the moment.

Rowe's lawyer sought to downplay her client's statements in the interview, but did reiterate that Rowe is indeed the biological mother of Paris and Prince, and also confirmed that she will at least be at next week's custody hearing.

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Since that is Michael Jackson's will, then they should respect it cause if they love him so much, then his mom should get full custody of them and Debbie Rowe abandoned them when she gave him full custody of the kids to Michael and from what eye see, she just wants his money by getting custody of the kids.


san you are bitter. I do not agree that the kids should be in the care of Joe, however, what mother walks away from her children and gives up alllllllll rights. She did. She doesn't deserve the children. I think that Michaels other wishes should come into play and Diana should get the children. She did an excellent job at keeping her children out of the limelight and allowing them to lead normail lives. RIP Michael. Don't listen to the ppl speaking of you in vein. May your soul rest.


Debbie leave the children with the Jackson family and just ask for partial visits to get to know your children. If you interrupt their lives by a custody battle you will only hurt yourself and the children, and that, you want be able to live with the pain along with the pain they're enduring at this moment of their lives. Please sit down with Katherine and explain to her, you will not seek custody of the children, if she agrees, to let you have partial visits with them, to know them and understand their lives. I'm sure she will agree. That will be the best for anyone in situations as yours. We all love you, for the choice you made, making Michael happy to the end of his life and no one no one can take that from you ever.

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