Danielle Staub May Be Murdered by Colombian Drug Lords, Ex Says

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According to Kevin Maher, the former FBI informant whose life is chronicled in the book Cop Without a Badge, maximum security prisoners love to watch Bravo.

Allow us to explain.

In an interview with Star, Maher - the ex-husband of Danielle Staub and the man that outed her shady past in the aforementioned book - expresses disbelief over Staub's decision to publicize her name and location.

"I can't believe Danielle would have allowed herself to go on TV - on a series that basically shows where she lives! - given what she has done in the past," Maher told the tabloid.

If any Colombian drug lords are reading this, Danielle Staub is really sorry for ratting you out.

It's true that Staub was arrested in 1986 as part of an extortion and kidnapping case. It's also true that she avoided jail time by giving up the names of various drug dealers.

But we somehow doubt those convicts are tuned in to The Real Housewives of New Jersey every week. Is this single mother's life really in danger? Yes, Maher claims.

"She helped put a couple of big-time Colombian coke dealers in jail," he said. "These are dangerous men who never forget... and they could be back out on the street now. It’s mind-boggling to me that she’d put herself at risk!"

In unrelated news, Maher also says Staub is a "raging nymphomaniac."


She's a lying, coniving, wench. She'll get what she gives. Karma's a bitch.


@ CURT---I think your hateful comment was un-neccessary. Maybe they can hunt YOU down as well. Sounds like you are in that type of thing, for you to write so freely about it concerning another human being. Maybe Danielle, needs to get a bodyguard of some type, or some security dogs for her home. It wouldn't hurt, especially when her children are living with her, and go places with her all the time. She may have already done this, but these people mean business, and I would be afraid. Watch yourself Danielle and who you date. Don't trust anyone new who you don't know or that someone else does not know well. Victoria


check this out then:


Oh my hell.... those eyebrows!!


It'd be nice if they kidnapped and raped her too.


screw 'em all. Danielle is the bomb.

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