Crystal Harris and The Shannon Twins: Officially Girls Next Door!

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They haven't been having sex with a wrinkly old man for nothing!

After months of waking up with Metamucil in their hair for seemingly no reason, Crystal Harris, Karissa Shannon and Kristina Shannon are finally getting the official spotlight they signed on for:

Hugh Hefner has confirmed that he and his new trio of women will be filming a new season of The Girls Next Door.

"You are looking at part of the cast here," Hefner told Us Weekly over the weekend, pointing to his girlfriends. "We are going to have a lot of fun."

New Girls Next Door

As supporters of Barack Obama, the Shannon Twins are doing their part to stimulate the economy. They're single-handedly responsible for keeping Viagra in business. [Photo:]

What can viewers expect on the new edition of the E! reality series, which previously followed around Kendra Wilkinson, Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt?

"Fun and games!" Hef said.

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These Girls are Money sucking Jeleous moles... They are no where near as nice and layed back as Holly, Bridget and Kendra.. They are annoying as hell to watch.. Hef I can't believe you let Holly slip away.. Holly loved Hef genuinely unlike these other girls who are only trying to get money and fame.. They are very bitchy and they come across as insecure. They aren't even that pretty anyway. Hef wake up !!!!


OMG i hate this season.. the new girls are so fake and boring and stupid and ugly and i just cant stand it the original girls next door i would watch everyday...even record it if i couldnt. I miss HOLLY BRIDGET AND KENDRA


The ONLY Girls Next Door are Holly, Bridget, and Kendra! I am watching the new show now and it sucks! I hate the twins! They are so boring! H,K, and B were THE girls. As a woman, I want to look like HKB, not the stupid twins! The original GND were hot and sexy, the new girls are boring. Bring back HBK!!!


The Shannon twins are sooooooo ugly and the are actually dumber than Kendra, if that is even possibleb


I just hurriedly purchased the GND series 1-5 b/c I don't want these fugly trio of girls shoved down my throat. Everyone calls them beauties but come on. Pathetic. Hef was smart by keeping Holly,Bridget and Kendra b/c they were slighty older and didn't look as ridiculous as them, especially the umpa lumpa twins. By the way Crystal, you are not the new Holly you are the Holly wanna be. Explain to me how Holly is the old you when she is older. Golddigging trailer trash.


Yo pienso que en algun momento Holly va a regresar con Hef para casarse y pasar juntos los ultimos años de vida de Hef. Hef lo que necesita es tener a su lado una mujer como Holly que realmente lo ame y se preocupe por él, para que pueda vivir con tranquilidad. P.S Se habla Español !!


i can't believe that old pervert and some new ho's will have another show...barf


HOLLY, BRIDGET AND KENDRA ARE THE GND! The other's are nothing but wanna B's. Holly is the true LOVE of Hef's and the Harris chic does not even have enough class as HOLLY! I know he is getting divorced but HE needs to get back with Holly. She is the creative one, Bridgett is the planner and Kendra is Kendra you never know what she is going to say or do and that's what makes Kendra so awesome!(Over the years watching the show and getting to know the girls and watching them grow was alot of fun) I will not watch the show. What does those girls have to offer? The twins for real? Do they really have a personality? Hef call Holly!


the new show is going to suck! i refuse to watch it. those girls will never be half of what kendra, holly and bridget were. what whores


I will not watch this show ever again with these skans in it. I do not believe that they took over.
I hope it will be cancelled due to low ratings. BOOOOOOOOO Metamucil girls

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