Confirmed: Jon Gosselin is Dating Kate Major!

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Jon Gosselin sure keeps himself in the news - and people guessing.

Whether he's hanging out with Michael Lohan (great PR strategy) or dating two chicks at the same time, the guy keeps surprising the celebrity news world.

Yesterday, Jon said that he and Hailey Glassman are taking a break, despite their recent romantic trip to St. Tropez and mutual gushing about one another.

The latest revelation: Jon Gosselin and Kate Major are dating.

In an exclusive statement to E! News, Jon says he's in a relationship with Kate Major, the former Star Magazine reporter, but that relationship is "private."

Sure it is, Jon. Keep telling yourself that as you hang at NYC hot spots and issue cryptic, attention-grabbing comments to People magazine 2-3 times a day.

"I care about Kate Major, she resigned from her job for me. Right now, my focus is on my relationship with my kids. My personal life is private," he said.

Jon Gosselin and Kate Major

Jon Gosselin can say he's focused on his kids all he wants. That doesn't change that every time we see him, he's squiring Hailey Glassman, Kate Major, or both.

Kate Major declined to comment on her relationship with Gosselin, which he supposedly denied last week while calling her a liar and saying he was "tricked."

We honestly cannot keep track anymore.

Over the weekend, Kate Major commented that while she understands the scrutiny that comes along with dating the reality TV dad, but "I want people to know I am a nice and genuine person and anyone who knows me knows that."

The same certainly cannot be said of Jon, who apparently two-timed the girl he cheated on his wife (who he is not even divorced from yet) with. Player.

So much for his heart being with Hailey. Though it's hilariously ironic that she went from the mistress to the scorned girlfriend in a matter of like 72 hours.


He not midlife crisis! He still young stud. Midlife is 40 and he not even close to 40!




OK so just exactly HOW MANY women is this guy screwing around with? First they said it was the plastic surgeon's daughter and now this other Kate woman? What's up? Is Jon Gosselin a STUD or what?


he is a fucken jerk knowing that he has 8 kids at home he is hanging out with girls!!


This dude is unbelievable. The story just keeps getting more and more 'freak-show' every day. Either, he is a total fool, or...a total tool. It's a 50/50 chance.


If Jon was truly unhappy with Kate why couldn't he just have told her it wasn't working out for hime? Why did he have to go behind her back and have affairs? You call that type of a person a "Good Husband"...I don't think so.


If Jon was truly upset with Kate why couldn't he just have told her?


I do not understand the circus surrounding these people. there are 8 young innocent children in the center of this and thier parents are acting like idiotic teenagers. These two are the preview of the that other reality t.v., legitimate celebrity cravers. ....Heidi and Spencer Pratt.....Heidi is a bimbo and married a devil....Spencer would find a way to exploit thier split too....the only differnce you may ask? The Gosselin's will look like ameteurs....


I think what jon did stinks but on the other hand Kate did not treat him very well either. She had agood husband and she messed it up.


If you go back to the TV show about three years ago, Kate made the comment that they didn't have time for sex (8 kids my god, He wanted to stop having children after two, but no Kate wanted more). The poor guy is just trying to catch-up. I can't beleive he stayed married to Kate as long as he did. One more tubby-tuck and breast job that lead to a divorce. Wish I knew what % of women get a divorce after having a breast job?

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