Coming to Bravo: A Bethenny Frankel Reality Show

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Everyone will soon see Bethenny Frankel nude in an ad for PETA.

But this actually won't be the last chance fans have to get intimate with the reality TV star.

According to the New York Post, Frankel has left The Real Housewives of New York City in favor of greener (as in, the color of money) pastures: she's landed her very own series!

Skinny Reality Star
Bethenny Frankel Picture

[Photos: Fame Pictures]

The program will air on Bravo this fall and, similar to Kendra on E!, "will follow her planning her wedding to [fiancé] Jason Hoppy," said a source.

This must-see show's title? Skinny & The City.

Based on the photos of Frankel above, the name seems apt. Seriously, eat a cheeseburger, Bethenny. Heck, eat two!


You are completely reettrad1. You didn't give any actual measurements! You can only free pour with a pour spout! That way it's the same everytime! You can't just count as your pouting out of a bottle!2. Always clear liquer? Where are you coming up with this? And since when did Vodka become the only clear liquer?3. NEVER shake any carboanted liquids!!! If you were actually using club soda, when you shook the drink in your tin, it would have exploded in your face!4. CHILL YOUR GLASS!


Wow, what a bunch of fat pigs the four of you must be. (and I am positive that Alison is Jill Zarin). Bethenny's show had the highest rating of any premiere BRAVO has every aired. And I am sure last night's show was just as popular. Women and jealously. WOW!!!!


Alison, I totally agree. Bethany introduced all of catfighting into the housewives shows. I enjoyed the Orange County housewives until the producers wanted them to start acting like Bethany and the rest of the New York housewives. I do not have a daughter, but I would not want her to watch any of the housewives. Their example is not something I would want my daughter to copy.


I agree with both comments!!! She is a talentless wannabee and if she wasn't shoving her products down everyone's throat, not too many people would be interested. Really, she is not inventing products that are truly original. Most people with common sense can figure that out. She is just good at marketing herself to impressionable 20-30 year olds who have no life but to be enmeshed in the treacherous world of the Real Housewives series....All of that catty, ridiculous nonsense. It's a shame that with all the important issues currently infiltrating the world, that anyone would have a true interest in these absurd shows. Apparently the almighty dollar will get her to do anything!! She should be grateful for the show she is already on and be appreciative. What a greedy oink oink! Greed is the root of all evil! Her new show should be boycotted by all!!


WHO CARES? Seriously, this woman is wretched.. I've never watch TRH New York, and I don't care to.. Why are we giving this woman attention..?


Bethany is nothing without the other girls....her new show will crash and burn and her 15 mintues will fizzle out...she is annoying and ugly.

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