Chris Brown Finally Apologizes For Rihanna Assault

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It doesn't change what happened, nor does it make it any less terrible, but a video has surfaced of a sincere Chris Brown apology to his fans and the public for the assault on Rihanna that took place back in February.

In a two-minute video, the R&B star says he is sad and ashamed of himself, and is not making any excuses for what he calls "unacceptable" behavior.

To his credit, most of Chris Brown's prepared, but classy remarks on the subject involve him needing to improve upon and repair his own character.

Brown opened the confessional by saying he wanted to publicly apologize much sooner, but held off under the advice of attorney Mark Geragos.

The singer, who pleaded guilty to assault last month, then tells his fans simply what says he's told Rihanna countless times since the incident:

"I am sorry."

You can check out Brown's video apology here ...


This is NOT an apology!! Chris did NOT own up when he did it and did NOT even take the punishment he deserved!! COWARD ABUSER WOMAN BEATER LIAR CHRIS B. !!!!


That is NOT an apology!! TOO LATE!! Chris IS and ALWYS will be an ABUSER and a WOMAN BEATER!!


This was not a sincere apology, merely contrived by the labels. See what I mean:


Yeah, right! He is still a woman beater and always will be. Let's wait and see who he is going to beat up next. I am sure he was TOLD to cry like a baby that he IS!


I believe it was sincere... He wrote it, it probably was longer, but I'm sure his attorney edit it. Chris has done interviews in the past and is pretty intelligent. He hit it on the money, look forward to him working with different charities for domestic violence.
I've been except his apology no one is perfect, not even me and I am not famous. I have always wished him well.
Michael Phelps got a second chance, R kelly got a second chance, Bobby Brown got a second chance, know rap artist with a history of drug dealing including Jay z got a second chance, Kanye and his disrepsectful attitude and actions got a secon chance. Heck TI won an award in Jail I've always believed this was a situation CB & Rhianna went through that escalated. CB is not woman beater and I do believe Rhianna initiated the matter. Don't make the outcome right or his actions, but no one should be putting their hands on anyone, includin Rhianna and I am a femal married with children wrong is wrong.

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