Chris Brown Finally Apologizes For Rihanna Assault

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It doesn't change what happened, nor does it make it any less terrible, but a video has surfaced of a sincere Chris Brown apology to his fans and the public for the assault on Rihanna that took place back in February.

In a two-minute video, the R&B star says he is sad and ashamed of himself, and is not making any excuses for what he calls "unacceptable" behavior.

To his credit, most of Chris Brown's prepared, but classy remarks on the subject involve him needing to improve upon and repair his own character.

Brown opened the confessional by saying he wanted to publicly apologize much sooner, but held off under the advice of attorney Mark Geragos.

The singer, who pleaded guilty to assault last month, then tells his fans simply what says he's told Rihanna countless times since the incident:

"I am sorry."

You can check out Brown's video apology here ...


chris brown said sorry and he was looking like he was abt to cry i feel very sorry for him but god gives everyone a second chance but not man must hit a woman and no woman must hit a man but i think rhianna diserves it becuz she like to much men. and she is so upsetting everytime i look at her i feel like i hv a tummyache now i realize why beyonce hates her she is so sick she wanted j-z now wanted cb n look wat hppen to her darn you rhianpoop


Chris should be jailed for 10 years for assaulting me !!!
Now my pretty face has been bashed up by him !!!!
Stupid Chris !!!


everyone makes mistakes .... but some mistakes are


Give Chris a break. Nobody would care if he wasn't who he is and if Rihanna wasn't who she is. This is just a set-back. We ain't heard the last of him.


shut up people
if he apoligies ya wanna talk about him and if he dosent ya still gonna talk about him
DAMN LET HIM BREATHE HE NOES HE DID A MISTAKE AND WE DO TO BUT HES NOT THE FIRST OR LAST THAT DOSE THAT. everyone deserves a second chance and i do belive u was honest chris. am wit u all the way. gd luck. lub u. PEOPLE R GONNA TALK NO MATTA WAT SO JUST DO WAT U GOTTA DO AND KEEP UR HEAD UP


he read this u can tell in his eyes this didnt come 4rm the heart


finnaly he appologises. its about time. Well since he has admitted to it and admitted he has a problem he should seek wateva help he needs. every1 deserves a second chance. now that chris brown has it he should do ev erything he can to make good use of it


I feel that everyone deserves another change. It's not up to us to judge him but pray that he gets the help he needs to change. None of us know what happened to cause the reaction. No one should put there hands on anyone in anger, male or female. Maybe they both should be going to anger management classes. He's talented and we should not hold back his career. Forgiveness is not up to us!!! God always gives us second chances.


Wow.. it would of been way more sincere if he wasnt reading it off a damn cue card. Now watch he's gonna sell like 8 million albums which has a single on it about the incident...and half of the negative commenter's will buy it


I feel that eveyone makes mistakes. Some mistakes should not be made, but at least he trying to let everyone know that he is sorry for disrespectful and unmatured behavior. A man should never hit a woman..His mom should have taUGHT HIM THAT.hOWEVER i FEEL THAT HE IS TRYING TO CHANGE. He should have learned cus his fans are disappointed in his actions and to Chris Brown "Actions speak louder than words"

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