Cherilyn Lee: Served in Michael Jackson Case

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Michael Jackson's nutritionist, Cherilyn Lee, has been subpoenaed as the police and DEA try to hunt down the singer's medical records, the AP reports.

Los Angeles County Coroner's officials paid a visit to Cherilyn Lee's Inglewood, Calif., office on Wednesday, her spokeswoman, Belinda Foster, confirms.

The news comes hours after the Drug Enforcement Administration and homicide detectives raided the office of Jackson's personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray.

Authorities entered Murray's Houston office thanks to a search warrant that states the doctor is under suspicion and may be looking at manslaughter charges.

Her spokeswoman says she's cooperating fully with investigators, and a subpoena was only necessary because the records are protected by law.

Cherilyn Lee treated Jackson between January and April.

She has alleged the singer asked for Diprivan, the brand name for Propofol, a powerful anesthetic administered via IV, for help sleeping. The drug is central to the investigation of Jackson's death by cardiac arrest on June 25.

Jackson's longtime dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein (the biological father of the singer's eldest children, Prince, 12, and Paris, 11, depending on what you read), was served a subpoena by an L.A. County Coroner official on July 14.


micheal Jackson will be remembered by all the people who loved him!Its to bad the public did not let him know this when he was alive. He needed moral support by the public he grew up with. The tabloyeds made fun of this man.Like kids do in the playground. Making fun of the one child who is different. They broke this mans heart.Yes his life took turnes but the tabloyed do not have to destroy their lives.Micheal wanted these children. He did not think of the donars. He was there from the time of there birth and bonded deeply as a father. The people who say they are truely friends should support these children in life and offer the best they can give so they grow up healthy.
The ones who took from him in greed will have to live with themselves and have to answere to a higher power.If his life was taken by those who wanted money not to help this man in his sickness with drugs will also live with the fact they were gready.
They cannot truely call themselves friends who loved this man.


i loved michael jackson so much if it wasnt for the stupid father he would not have died why did h eabuse the child any way and tell him about his nose people these days gone the way vaenessa tousiant is not releated to michael jackson.i know he is related to m e becaus e he i smy brother.that is not even his daughter.i cried every hour of the day ii cant stop im only 10 yrs and i hav e to go through all this pain well i say that he would go in heaven and rest in peace. i will always lov e u and remember u my children will hear about u good bye michael see u in heaven


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