Celebrity Gossip Mag Slightly Exaggerates Debbie Rowe Story

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Just a few hours ago, we reported on a serious of stories claiming something to the effect of a deal being offered to Debbie Rowe by Michael Jackson's family.

The details are not confirmed, but reputable sources claim that the late singer's family would pay Debbie pay her $3-5 million in exchange for Rowe not contesting his mom Katherine Jackson's guardianship and full custody of Michael's children.

Debbie Rowe is the biological mother (probably) of Prince Michael, 12, and Paris Jackson, 11, but she has had little if any contact with them in recent years.

Jackson's will states that Katherine gets full custody of Prince and Paris (along with Blanket, 7) and omitted Rowe, the late star's former spouse, altogether.

Rowe has said she will appear at Monday's custody hearing in L.A. Her intentions are not known ... except, apparently, by the ultra-reliable OK! Magazine.

She wants $100 million or the kids!

100 Million or the Kids!

Apparently, $3-5 million wasn't good enough for OK! to sell large quantities of magazines, so they decided to boost the figure by $95-97 million. Details.

This headline is comical for numerous reasons, chief among them:

  • Having attempted to sign away her parental rights before, and having no relationship with the kids, Debbie Rowe has no grounds for this demand.
  • Even if she did seek out a settlement, there is little chance of her receiving even one-tenth that amount, given the singer's debts and obligations.
  • Debbie Rowe may or may not be weighing options and hedging bets, but has communicated only through a lawyer. No one knows what she wants.
  • OK!'s own blog links to an article in the New York Post claiming Rowe is negotiating a $4 million buyout to give up custody rights forever.

Then again, the magazine's previous cover was the infamous Michael Jackson death photo. So we suppose this actually is a step in the right direction.


this massage to miehacl jackson from caroline yuliasari pukiat i will always support you and your three children because the three of you is my idole thank you so much for everything i'm indonesian


if debbie chooses the money and not the kids that is very messed up


The 7 Secrets of Michael Jackson on: http://news-and-stars.blogspot...


everyone is guessing, just like us including the magazine but considering what mj is worth 100mil would be about right, i'm surprized that debbie walked away with as little as she did to start with, but there is no hidding who she is any longer, the whole world knows she's there mother and so will they, so money to not tell who the father is but this being a family freind or miss debbie to the kids ,well that time has pasted !! wheither she has them live with her or not doesn't matter , it's time she walked up to them and said i'm your mother you aren't a freak , don't you think it would be a relief to those children,i bet they wonder why everyone else has a mother and they do not, but if rowe and the jacksons want some kids as screwed up as micheal ,then go ahead with your screwed up stuff and one day it'll come back and bite them all . in six years they'll be 18 and very wealthy and want need debbie or the jacksons , those people need to think ahead !!!


Very funny truthbetold, I have to agree. Between him and the doctor that sent Kanye West's mother home right after major surgery, it makes me wonder how they got their medical licenses. Perhaps they were allowed to get their medical degrees without taking the required exams, similar to what the the minority fireman in New Haven, Conn are trying to get - a promotion without having the required intelligence and skill set! For those that don't follow news, this is the racial bias lawsuit filed by white firemen in Connecticut who passed a required exam to get a promotion. However, enough minorities couldn't pass the test so they just threw out the results of this promotions test on which few minorities scored well. Welcome to new America, the land where we just promote everyone regardless of skills, just so long as everything is racially equal!


looks like that doctor that was with michael when he died is being linked to a homicide investigation into michael's death. unreal that this idiot doc would give michael constant anthesthesia for sleep. crazy. definitely doesn't make me want to trust a black doctor's judgement. this doc showed no ethics, just all about fame and money for him. who gives up a private practice as a cardiologist to run around with a pop singer??!!


Let's remeber that last week, the chief of the Los Angeles Police Department said it is still possible that the investigation into Jackson’s death could turn into a homicide case, depending on the results of toxicology tests. LaToya Jackson's full interview - VIDEO


The best interest of the children is the only consideration of the courts by law. What that means and how that is interpreted may be a topic of another discussion. Previous deals may be relevant, but not necessarily. A mother can never give up her rights unless the children are adopted. She can voluntarily not pursue her alleged custodial rights. Michael Jackson's entire estate is valued at approximately 2 billion dollars. His debts are estimated at $500,000. Do the math. Besides, who says Katherine Jackson does not have 5 million to spare of her own money. And, she does have at least one other wealthy child.

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