Celebrity Fashion Face-Off: Rihanna vs. Jessica Alba

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When two stars of this magnitude go head to head in a celebrity fashion clash, there is no telling who will emerge victorious. Until you vote on it, that is.

Rihanna hit the streets of N.Y.C. for a day of shopping in her J Brand "Zombie" jeans, while Jessica Alba flaunted her new locks in similarly ripped pants.

Who wore the look better, the singer and part-time tattoo artist or the hot mom and part-time actress? Tell us below in our little informal survey ...


Who looks best in this ensemble?


jessica is a pretty girl.and i felt so sad when i heard rihanna's new singele "te am" cuz it really match up with jessica's new movie "the eye".the movie is incrediable,i love it.jessica is the best actress of all in america.and she ain't like other women or girls,she's different.and everytime when i look at her face it felt like she's crying te amo.and need someone there along with her to hold her hands.i'm feeling she is a quiet woman.


rihanna is just a bitch......wearing a bustier on dem flat boobs! Rock on Jessie


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I reckon Jessica Alba looks better than Rihanna. There's no doubt about that.


I think both outfits are pretty bad. I'd have to say Alba did it better- she didn't mix trash AND class. She stuck to the dumpy end of things. Rihanna's outfit sorta looks like she couldn't make up her mind.



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