Carmen Ortega: Possible Reggie Bush Play Thing

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While some sources claim Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush broke up over the simple matter of busy schedules, other stories behind the relationship's demise are far more sordid.

For example, was Kim receiving lewd text messages from Kanye West? Was Bush sleeping with another woman?

Yesterday, we cited the seemingly random accusation that Reggie was involved with a model while dating Kim. Supposedly, the months-long affair included rendezvous around the country, an arrangement Kardashian eventually discovered.

Now, Perez Hilton claims he's identified Reggie's other woman: say hello to stripper Carmen Ortega!

Perez also describes Ortega as a "professional escort."

Sounds fishy, no? Would Reggie Bush really need a professional escort? Especially when he was already dating Kim Kardashian?

Chime in with your thoughts - and then follow this article's jump for a look at many more scantily-clad Carmen Ortega pictures...

Reggie Bush Girlfriend?

Ortega claims she has inviting text messages and photos from Bush. Do you believe her?

Either way, click on the photos above to get a closer look at this attention-starved stripper.

Avatar look up the video of her interview (carmens) clearly talking about reggie bush and being a side chick and how he was cheap its true!


Not a stripper??? In what life.. She started at Solid Gold in Jacksonville Florida and eventually worked her way to Gold Club in Jacksonville Florida.. I am not hating on anyone, just telling the FACTS.. I know Carmen and have seen her MANY times working at the strip clubs..


Here is a clip of an interview Carmen did.


1- If it's true that Carmen said she has a sex tape and photos on a radio interview, it can't be compared to Kim's tape because that was with her boyfriend (who released the tape on her) and this is Reggie cheating.
2- Reggie is wrong for cheating and Carmen is wrong because she knew very well he was with Kim. Reggie is more wrong of course.
3-If Carmen releases the tape for a cash payoutt, it speaks volumes of her morals and she may as well be called an escort along with her other profession (cars).
4-Carmen is attractive and I guess she's a car dealer worker or something as well as a model, but what is up with the come hither look in all the photos? What model only has one porn look?


Perez wasn't the first to post this about carmen it was i'm glad everyones ready to jump on perez's balls for something he got from another blog site


Kim looks wayyyy better than this chic


no lost forReggie.. im sure he is doing his thing plus he dates a black girl in NO!!


FYI: Carmen Ortega is definitely not and never has been an escort or a stripper. Everytime people see a good looking girl in photos with lingerie on or a bikini people assume they are a stripper or an escort. GET A LIFE! I grew up with Carmen and if she did mess around with Reggie Bush... You shouldn't talk sh*t about her. You should talk sh*t about Reggie Bush. He's the one that cheated. Kim Kardashian does seem like the type to have told Perez Hilton to write something like this but then again Perez Hilton is a d*ck and is just looking for attention.


I'm not sure nor does it matter if the rumors are true, it's Reggie's loss. It must be difficult for a jock to deal with a woman that has abilities and capabilities of their own. Jocks like eye and arm candy that's only happy with the idea of being with a ball player, it's clear Kim is more than that. Even though I have a thing for her Mom, she could certainly cry on my shoulder anytime.


You all are writing crap about Perez Hilton, but you all still seem to come on this website and read the gossip that is being said. There's a reason why its called GOSSIP.

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