Carmen Ortega: Possible Reggie Bush Play Thing

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While some sources claim Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush broke up over the simple matter of busy schedules, other stories behind the relationship's demise are far more sordid.

For example, was Kim receiving lewd text messages from Kanye West? Was Bush sleeping with another woman?

Yesterday, we cited the seemingly random accusation that Reggie was involved with a model while dating Kim. Supposedly, the months-long affair included rendezvous around the country, an arrangement Kardashian eventually discovered.

Now, Perez Hilton claims he's identified Reggie's other woman: say hello to stripper Carmen Ortega!

Perez also describes Ortega as a "professional escort."

Sounds fishy, no? Would Reggie Bush really need a professional escort? Especially when he was already dating Kim Kardashian?

Chime in with your thoughts - and then follow this article's jump for a look at many more scantily-clad Carmen Ortega pictures...

Reggie Bush Girlfriend?

Ortega claims she has inviting text messages and photos from Bush. Do you believe her?

Either way, click on the photos above to get a closer look at this attention-starved stripper.


Carmen is way hotter than Kim. Imagine how Kim would look after having a baby....celulite is gross. Perez your just mad cuz you never get laid, poor homo . So funny how the most peaceful dude in the world from black eyed peas would kick your ass...that's what you get for being a hating drama queen.


HI,I'm a editor for a mag and friend of Kim. I've been looking at the story and a few people have tried to sale it to us but whatever this is the first time I hear that Carmen Ortega also had a boyfriend at the same time. WoW it gets Crazier by the day with this girl. I believe Kim would like to talk to him so any of you girls who know him email to this email his email I will give you a free year of our mag. Thank You


I dated her ex and he is a great guy. Im glad this happen so he saw wat everyone told him she was. He will be ok he is Hot and Young like the other girl said but Reggie is fuked now all he has is a porn star and watever you want to call this girl. LMAO


Man loves to settle for trash....... I mean what is she...... To me I think he had it good with Kim. No one and I meant no one knew who he was until he start dating her (Unless you were a football fan or live in New Orleans)..... I mean come other than those sex tapes she did with Ray J she is a business woman.....come one making off your body and looks is a good thinking......( not a lesbo but just know a smart woman when I see one) and she even takes 1/3 of the store Dash come on man y cant man see that they have a good one right in front of them. So to my advise for Reggie and every other man listen to your heart and not your dick


haters are only gonna make her not break her.


I BET Carmen wrote that and the EX-Boy wat the fk does he care every girl likes him. He just got played by a bitch who didnt give a fk about him. Happens to most young hot guys with money. Now she can try to be the next KIM LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


People need to move on from this subject yes her and reggie and there thing.
Now its done!!! now kim n reggie are forgiveing each other and thats all that should matter. Thats love it makes you over look the good and the bad.


This girl Carmen was kicked out of her boyfriend's house for cheating. Poor guy. I guess his mom didn't like the fact that her boy was involved with an ESCORT!!!!!


@Simply Annoyed 1-Ray J didn't release the tape. He didn't have the tape in his possession. Besides, if you watch the tape, it has a year's worth of footage on it. Who uses the same tape for a year? Someone stole the tapes from Kim (this is according to her) or Kim got someone to give them to Vivid.
2- Yes, they are both wrong.
3- Kim settled her lawsuit and allowed Vivid to sell the tape online. You can still view it if you have a credit card and can charge five dollars to it. Anyone with even a cursory knowledge of the law knows that Kim would have had to allow Vivid to use her image, otherwise they would have had to blur out her face. Rumor is she received 5 mil, although Ray J also said they get a check every month from Vivid. So, what does that say about Kim's morals?
4-Carmen is attractive, for sure. Kim only has one look as well. Face pointed downwards to hide her long face and mouth open. Check it out, I'm sure you'll see what I mean.

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