Brooke Hogan to Heidi Montag: Ur Not That Hot!

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If you are a glutton for punishment, below you can listen to Brooke Hogan's new track, entitled, "Ur Not That Hot," off of her upcoming album Judgment Day.

We're not trying to drum up controversy. She really is dissing her. The full name of the track is "Ur Not That Hot f/ Stack$ & Hollywood Jit (Heidi Montag Diss)."

The song begins with a girl impersonating Heidi Montag (who along with Spencer Pratt, recently dissed Brooke Hogan), leaving a faux message for Brooke:

"Umm. Hey Brooke, what's up. This is Heidi Montag. I just want to let you know that I'm making a record and that your record ... better watch its back. And, if you think that Stack$ is awesome, just wait for Spencer. Bye."

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While it's absurd that Brooke Hogan and Stack$ are even putting out music (term used loosely), we can't object to their bashing Heidi Montag in the intro.

After all, the 'Tag is a girl who thinks 9/11 was an inside job, population control is a myth and the government is trying to control our minds. Spooky stuff.

Listen to Brooke telling Heidi "Ur Not That Hot" below ...

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and Reverend Jul Bat, who has converted the full hot zone in his Sunday school


Brooke Hogan is gross, she makes me feel physically sick everytime I watch her crappy little show. Her spasticated looking female roomate and her are the biggest pair of sluts to hit reality TV.


hhA hhA i loveee itt ! i hate spencerrr anddd heidii ! hhA hhA i lovee Brooke (=


Heidi and Spencer are courageous for speaking the truth in a world of deceit, it was truly a revolutionary feat (George Orwell). They are currently in a transitional period of learning about the NWO and should be encouraged to educate themselves and not go along with the brainwashed masses. Critical thinking and reading are crucial to fighting the elite who control the banks and politicians who run the fascist world government headed by the United Nations and the IMF. Go read about it for yourself, the United States funds Al Qaeda, they were caught dozens of times by journalists and soldiers. You can choose to believe the truth or not, but that doesn't change the truth


check this out then:


I know heidi has changed so much Spencer is still a douche though, never changed lmao. Did you know when he :apologized: it was fake? to Lauren?? She even said it herself you can find it on MTV. i was like Wtf? was he talking to himself then? I know this doesn't have annnnnnnnything to do with Brooke but still. They are laughable.


and i liked heidi in the first season...she luked like a human there..but now...ewwwwwwwwww!!!


to heidi even worth so much energy
and to brooke worth so much energy...
BOTH R CRAPPY, FAKE, DESPERAAAATE FOR FAME, PLASTIC WOMEN...!!!..OH and who make music in room with hundereds of machines working on their chipmunk-style-vocals..haha...v shud give credit to those fellas who work on their voices...seriously it must be one hell of a job!!!


I don't know who is worse. Brooke or the Spencers crap. They are all fake if you ask me..


Maybe its true what heidi and spencer are saying but who would give a shit anyway? come on they are like the lord this and that is against birth control what idiots!!!! There the ones who are as fake as can be... especially heidi and what makes it worse is shes going to pose for playboy. its not jealousy either, i hate it when girls are like o ur just jealous wtevaaaa..... i have more repect and pride in myself then to pose for playboy. THERE JUST FAKE ALL OVER...L.A IS JUST FAKE... LOOK AT BRODY JENNER HES LIKE O IM A TRUE FRIEND HE DIDNT EVEN STICK UP FOR AUDRINA AND HES GOING OUT WITH JAYDE NICOLE WHAT A HORE... EWWWWWWWWWW THER ALL FAKE

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