Britney Spears: "Radar" Music Video

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Britney Spears' music video for “Radar” has been released. It’s the fourth single from her latest album, Circus, and needless to say, she looks smokin'.

The video was shot May 27-28 at the Bacara Resort & Spa just north of Santa Barbara, Calif. "Radar" was directed by Dave Meyers, who previously collaborated with Britney Spears on her music videos “Lucky,” “Boys,” and “Outrageous.”

Check out the video below, featuring Britney attending and enjoying what appears to be a polo match, but having thoughts about very different things ...

This video may be taken down by the time you read this, knowing how record labels are about this stuff. If that's the case, we'll sum it up for you here:

  1. Britney is horny.
  2. She's out of control.
  3. She is also a bit lethargic.
  4. It feels like a bad, but hot acid trip.

I just say i love you britney you are the beautiful singer must crowd queen of pop


Hey britney i love u since babyonemretme.and i iov u video radar it so cool.n you lok beautiful


Can somebody tell me the name of the model that appears on the Radar video plz... the one that she end up with. I love this video so different from the others


Hey Britney ? Wednesday july 8th 2009 by the way I have all of youre ringtones too? ur fan from Fresno and my cellphone is t-mobile ur fan amanda erica vasquez sanchez love all ways! my cell number is 457-9422 okay save it?!


HEY BRITNEY? Wednesday july 8th 2009
Youre whole cd from circus was good me and my brother luis and my friend Bianca, like the song Womanizer cant wait to see ur video for radar I havent seen it yet but great job for ur video? for womanizer its a good video i live by the fresno fair grounds i have you as my screen savior on my cellphone and i have a few pictures of of you on my screen savior??
youre fan Amanda vasquez Sanchez?


this music video was shot entirely at my best friends house in montecito with her horses on her polo field and patio. we got to meet britney and we evern got a picture with one of the male models who appears in the begining of the video


I love it now. At first it took me aback because I was expecting a clubby video, now I find it stylish.


Like almost all videos,it really doesn't make much sense.
Beautiful Britney is just about the only good part of it.


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