Breaking News: Kristen Stewart is Not Pregnant!

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As Kristen Stewart cries over the news that she was apparently dumped by Robert Pattinson this week, at least the actress can take solace in the following fact:

There won't be a tiny replica of the actor crawling around her apartment in approximately nine months.

For days, the Internet has been buzzing over the report that Stewart was pregnant with her co-star's baby. Likely ridiculous and untrue? Yes. But would anything really shock you in this day and age?

Finally, though, a source has come out and debunked the story. Someone described as "an astonishingly in-the-know Stewart confidant" told E! News today:

"It is a nonsense, made-up story from an Australian tabloid with no merit. "Of course the studio heard about it, but it's not worth their time. They knew there was no chance Kristen would be having Rob's kid. It didn't faze them."

Hmmm, no chance?!? Does that mean Stewart and Pattinson were never dating? Let the rumors fly again!

Twilight Premiere Pic

Seen here at the premiere of Twilight, life was a lot simpler for Kristen Stewart in November 2008. [Photo: Fame Pictures]


ya real mature peeps! idk wut we even care bout a person who we dont know! sure she famus, but dats her bizness not rs! we all like her but rob is her luvlife who SHE want 2 fix, deal, adore, & move on w/ or w/o. ima out of her beezwax just as u all should 2! us hoes mind r own bizness n leev Kristen alone sayin "its nunya". (dat means nunya bizness)


I feel so sorry 4 Kristen being heartbroken 4m Robert. Kristen, my advice 2 u is, if u really luv him, let him free. Dat's his problem if he duznt like u ne more. L8r in life, eventually, no one will want 2 date him bcuz hes been wit 2 many "chicks" in life. The paparattzi needs 2 stop dis crap or someone will end up gettin hurt. Saying dat Kristen is pregnant is not mature. The most mature person here is really Kristen. So Kristen, im sorry dis is happenin. Hope every liar stops n keeps their minds 2 themselves!!! So shut da f**k up paparattzi ppl!!!


Poor Kristen! So many rumors!


okay?!?!?! K.Stew pregnant... no way! Thank goodness its a rumor :)


pah. B.S.


Of course she's not pregnant with RPattz's baby! THEY. WERE. NEVER. TOGETHER. Why is that so hard for you people to understand? RPattz had a bit of a crush on her, but THAT'S IT. They're just FRIENDS. You Twihards are you so desprate for your "real life Edward and Bella", aren't you? If you honsetly thought that KStew was even dating RPattz, much less pregnant with his child, you are pathetic.


I was hoping it was true but obviously it aint oh well Kristen girl I'm sorry u chose Michael over that fine very talented man who wanted 2 be with u.


i think this is all bullshit. I think Kristen doesn't even like Rob as a boyfriend. For God sake. leave them alone!


you should never believe what you read/ see in magazine or on the internet cos it always says source of kristen for eg. it never explains who said what which probably mean they r making it up. im just saying dnt believe what you read until robert or kristen confirm it themselves in interviews n stuff like tht where you have proof its them. oxo


People, they are not dating and never have dated. I am sick of people saying to leave them alone and let them work it out. They are not an item and never have been. There is nothing for them to work out. She has a boyfriend. And Rob is linked with everyone he speaks to just to sell magazines. Don't you people realize that!

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