Both Michael Jackson Autopsies Reveal Propofol

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You may recall that Michael Jackson's family commissioned a second autopsy on the star's body after the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office conducted one.

Well, the results are in and they are not any different.

Smiling Michael Jackson

A source with knowledge of the findings from both autopsies tells E! News that the private pathologist's findings are consistent with the county coroner's.

In addition to finding needle marks on Jackson's body, both procedures revealed a potentially lethal amount of Propofol in the late singer's system.

Propofol is a potent anesthetic administered via IV that leaves people in a largely comatose state. It should never be found outside a hospital, but it was.

Police found it in Jackson's Holmby Hills mansion after he died June 25.

Michael Jackson (1958-2009).

Jackson's personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, has not been charged with any crime, but many believe he may be at some point, as he may have administered Propofol to Michael, which would almost certainly be in violation of the law.

County officials confirm Jackson was taking prescription medications when he died, but they aren't expected to make public their full autopsy report until at least next week because of the ongoing, possibly criminal investigation.

Federal regulators are considering adding Propofol to their official list of controlled substances, which would require hospitals to account for every drop used.


lov the songs


such a musical god..i miss him 1 can b just like him..i love him with all my broken heart :(..SIMPLY WORLD DOESN'T DESERVE LEGENDS !! SO RIP MY MUSICAL GOD AND SUCH A FAMOUS HUMAN N A WHOLE PLANET, AND THAT'S WILL B 4 EVER :'(


I am so hurt about how MICHAEL.died..i am angry and bewildered as to how could any doctor be so unethical and greedy for money or the status that come from hanging around celebrities...where are our morals and value for human life...all those doctors including those who killed Ann Nicole,Heath Ledger should be put in prison just as they do street drug dealers...LAPD better get over their hate for MICHAEL and do their job-Protect & serve-they better not let these doctors weasel out of this by referring to Mr. MICHAEL JACKSON as an addict...they never called LIZ TAYLOR an addict and she was in tx more than she is DAME ELIZABETH...HE is KING MICHAEL and not addict,GOT THAT


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