Bill O'Reilly Calls Al Sharpton Racist, Defends Peter King, Likens Michael Jackson to O.J. Simpson

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Last night on the "Talking Points" segment of his Fox News program, The O’Reilly Factor, Bill O'Reilly was simply “fed up with all the adulation” over Michael Jackson.

Among Bill's observations on the day of MJ's memorial service:

  • Jackson’s "incredible selfishness, spending hundreds of millions of dollars on himself while singing ‘We Are The World’" should make anyone nauseous.
  • Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and other African-Americans are shamelessly “playing the race card” by claiming Jackson as one of their own in death.
  • “If (Jackson) were a white guy,” his behavior would never be tolerated.
  • “You don’t become an African-American icon” if you bleach your skin.

As bad as that was, his guest, "media critic" Bernard Goldberg, was worse.

Goldberg first defended U.S. Rep. Peter King, who has come under fire for calling Jackson a “low-life,” a “pedophile” and a "child molester" over the weekend.

The New York Republican is enraged at people extolling the virtues of Jackson, putting at least part of the blame on media coverage that is "too politically correct."

The icing on the cake came when Goldberg said, “Then again, to many black people, if you remember the reaction after he was acquitted, O.J. Simpson was a hero.”

Here's O'Reilly's "Talking Points" and an interview with Columbia University Professor Marc Lamont Hill, who tried his best to dispute some of the above comments:

What do you think? Are these guys way out of line, even racist? Or are they the only ones taking the media to task for glorifying Michael Jackson?


It's innocent until proven guilty - period! You are not giving the system enough credit. When is the bullying going to stop???? He's different, so what? He's dead now so mission accomplished. How can we teach our kids not to bully when we as a society are not leading by example? Did Bill or Peter really know him? I doubt it. Did the media portray the truth? Let me put is this way: I put more confidence in the legal system than a ratings hungry, competitive, salivating media thank you very much! History will judge society accordingly.


Innocent until proven guilty...unless you have money. Thats how our justice system.


As for Peter King, I just have one thing to say: Congressman or Lynchman - I think it's obvious... O'Reilly obviously doesn't understand the American Justice system or the Constitution very well. Innocent until "proven" guilty is guaranteed to every person under the law. I mean, why bother having trials then - right??? Ignorance breeds ignorance and it scares me that he has already sat or might actually sit on a jury some day or can possibly inflence others who will. Karma is a biatch and I hope and pray that Bill and Peter both find themselves in a position one day to have to defend themselves against bogus claims (oh wait, Bill has - he must be guilty then right?), being aquitted, and then still be persecuted. Anyone can accuse anyone of anything and that is why the legal system exists Bill! Your negativity (among others just like you) already drove Michael to an early grave and now what??? You want to dance on it too? Enough already!!!!


I hate O'Reilly to the core, but he's right in this case. The media has elevated him to hero status. Jackson was a uniquely talented entertainer, conceivably without equal. But he's no hero. He's no role model. He's no standard of any kind of behavior that anyone should idealize.


I destest Bill O'Reilly, HOWEVER I think he is 100% right on this one. To imply that someone who thinks that MJ was guilty of child molestation is a racist is the most asinine thing I've ever heard. Many of us who loved him in his earlier days and still love his music were completely put off by 1) the freakish plastic surgery (that he had the audacity to DENY), 2) the skin bleaching (sorry guys - vitiglio gives you blotchiness but does NOT turn your entire face and body white - check any credible source on that), 3) the bizarre behavior during his trial, and 4) most of all - the sleeping with young boys (never girls). As Barack Obama likes to say, you can accept that people have differences of opinion without vilifying them or questioning their motives. There are some pretty legitimate reasons that people share O'Reilly's opinions on this one, and its not because of race. That's like saying that the majority of us who think Sarah Palin is a complete moron are sexist or anti-white.


Bill Oreilly is an asshat.


bleaching skin? how rude. why do they feel the need to tear michael down if they are so upset with all the coverage? wouldn't the smart thing to do, is to stop covering all together? they are just giving the topic more fuel and probably are interested in the attention they will get from saying such awful things about race. Bill probably knows no one will give two shits when he passes, and def wont get a memorial service of that size by any means. I think bills the racist one anyway, ever hear the things he says about snoop dogg?


He needs to check his facts. We weren't cheering for O.J. We didn't think he was a hero. We were applauding Johnnie Cochran for beating the legal system at it's own game. For years, laws have been twisted and manipulated to get caucasians off of things they were dead guilty for, so we were applauding his "smarts." I, personally, felt no sympathy for O.J. and he certainly wasn't my hero.

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