Bill O'Reilly Calls Al Sharpton Racist, Defends Peter King, Likens Michael Jackson to O.J. Simpson

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Last night on the "Talking Points" segment of his Fox News program, The O’Reilly Factor, Bill O'Reilly was simply “fed up with all the adulation” over Michael Jackson.

Among Bill's observations on the day of MJ's memorial service:

  • Jackson’s "incredible selfishness, spending hundreds of millions of dollars on himself while singing ‘We Are The World’" should make anyone nauseous.
  • Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and other African-Americans are shamelessly “playing the race card” by claiming Jackson as one of their own in death.
  • “If (Jackson) were a white guy,” his behavior would never be tolerated.
  • “You don’t become an African-American icon” if you bleach your skin.

As bad as that was, his guest, "media critic" Bernard Goldberg, was worse.

Goldberg first defended U.S. Rep. Peter King, who has come under fire for calling Jackson a “low-life,” a “pedophile” and a "child molester" over the weekend.

The New York Republican is enraged at people extolling the virtues of Jackson, putting at least part of the blame on media coverage that is "too politically correct."

The icing on the cake came when Goldberg said, “Then again, to many black people, if you remember the reaction after he was acquitted, O.J. Simpson was a hero.”

Here's O'Reilly's "Talking Points" and an interview with Columbia University Professor Marc Lamont Hill, who tried his best to dispute some of the above comments:

What do you think? Are these guys way out of line, even racist? Or are they the only ones taking the media to task for glorifying Michael Jackson?


Bill O'Reilly is THE RACIST! Is he a member of KKK? I cannot believe people who comment that they totally agree with him. He should go to hell right now.


Billy oreilly is an asssssssss. you know what he is lucky he aint in africa we dont take such shit and being white????? the whites bloody tolerate a lot of hell and shit so him saying the y wouldnt tolerate him bleaching his skin, may orielly whatever his name dies with bleeding balls on fire.No offence to white folks but they are the ones that started the tolerance of the gays so why wouldn't they tolerate mj???? ass is what orielly is. he is just trying to gain fame using another persons thunder shame on them people should boycott his hopeless show he is one loser of an old folk looking for fame. hopeless. he dont have the decency to be called human. its people like him and that idiot of an ass king. he is an ass as well as king.


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And for all you predjudice jealous haters that keep trying to say Michael Jackson was a child molester; take a look at yourself and say did I witness him molesting any child. For those money hungry PIGS that lied and was after his money their days are yet to come that money will become their DEMISE and they will have to answer to Michael Jackson and God. Because if he was a pedophile their would have been many more complaints about him molesting children a pedophile can not control themself amongst children and he's been around many children and only those two PIGS and their swine parents try to lie so that they can cash in, such trailer trash, only if he wasn't so kind hearted those spics wouldn't have had a chance. Anyway judgement day will come for them very, very soon and we all are going to hear about it. RIP TO THE GREATEST ENTERTAINER MR. MICHAEL JACKSON GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!


Reilly, Reilly,Reilly you poor old soul; stop trying to get attention! Don't be jealous of Michael Jackson because he is more loved and well known worldwide than you will ever be in this life. You're not God, so don't judge. When you take your last breath you better hope you make it to heaven because you're really making an ass out of yourself by being so ignorant. Anyway, Michael Jackson will always be loved by many regardless of your "JEALOUSY" that's all it is "JEALOUSY" PRAY TO GOD THAT WHEN YOUR JUDGEMENT DAY COMES ASK YOUR GOD TO FORGIVE YOU FOR YOUR IGNORANCE.....and for the record Al Sharpton is predjudice just as much as you are, so you all have something in common!!!!!


and just to add onto that...anyone who says Peter King's comments about michael jackson are racist is utterly laughable.


I think it's not racist to think poorly of michael jackson. If you want some truth about michael jackson, search youtube for katt williams michael jackson. He's black and says f*ck michael.


It's amazing how people put so much blind faith in our justice system. How many times do we see obviously guilty people get off for various reasons. And for the idiot applauding Johnny Cochran for getting a murderer off, you are pathetic. To see guilty people escape punishment is sad , no matter what race you are. I pray that you are never a victim of our flawed justice system. Although I can't judge MJ because I don't know if allegations were true he is meeting the ultimate judge now. If he was innocent or guilty there is no hiding the truth from God. I love MJ's music but cannot speak about his character because I did not know him personally though it seems everyone else talks about him with such confidence you would think they had him on speed dial.


MJ was a *itch! He spent his whole life trying to be a white woman.


BUT FOR FUCK SAKE,take look at that picture of wacko jacko,if you arent completely BLIND,you should be able to see a totally twisted sick human being. Ok fine,he did some great music once,but singing "no matter if your black or white" and do what he did....just plain sick,what a fuckin hypocrit.And only in america a pedophile and child molester with THAT face can be accepted and famous,only in sick america.

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