Battle Over Michael Jackson's Estate Getting Testy

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The legal team for Katherine Jackson, the late Michael Jackson's mother, has asked a judge for the power to request info on her son's estate from the executors.

Lawyers for Katherine asked for authority to subpoena attorney John Branca and former music exec John McClain, the two men named by the pop icon in his last will as the executors. They want to interview them and search their records.

Michael Jackson (1958-2009)

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff will not respond to their request until Monday. On that day, he plans to consider a wide range of matters.

Some close to the situation have suggested that Joe Jackson is driving Katherine's legal challenges to the late singer's will, and that the family is divided.

Issues include whether the special administrators will continue their roles and whether an allowance will be granted to Katherine Jackson and Michael's three children, Prince Michael, 12, Paris Jackson, 11, and Blanket, 7.

Katherine Jackson was named guardian of Michael's three children.

Debbie Rowe is the biological mother of Prince and Paris. As for Blanket Jackson, his mom is unknown, though recent rumors suggest it may be Pia Bhatti.

Tuesday's filing was meant to expedite the process of obtaining "important personal, business and legal information and documents relating to Michael Jackson."

That's according to written statement from L. Londell McMillan, who is part of Katherine Jackson's legal team, in advance of the upcoming August 3 hearing.

They're also seeking "life insurance policies, settlements and disputes as well as agreements between temporary special administrators and Michael Jackson."

Time will tell whether Katherine Jackson is able to make her voice heard - and what the true agenda behind any of this is, as Michael's will seems clear cut.


Nobody knows the truth except god.


Sorry she is just trying to angle to influence business decisions. Londell is an obstructionist pissed MJ went back to Branca. Katherine is greedy. She and Joe want more money for their extended family in perpetuity. NOT WHAT MJ wanted. He was smart he would have updated the will. If he wanted mama as a trustee he would have made her one. He knew she buckles to Joe. Can't believe she said Joe never beat MJ. RIP angel


This is Michael Jackson's MOTHER we are talking about and he loved her very much. It is her right as a mother to wonder what will happen to her son's wealth and assets. There were a lot of people mooching off a Michael Jackson apparently.... from "friends" to doctors and more. It is normal for her not to want people to take advantage of her son in death as they did while he was alive. I bet if Elvis named 2 black men as the executors of his will, his family would have been fighting it also and trying to get more detail. It is weird that two people who had nothing to do with him any longer are named as his executors. This is all too shady to me. You are telling me MJ never updated his will after 2002? Come on now, he was a shrewd business man and I am not buying it. How did they get a the will and who is to say someone didn't agree to make a recent will disappear and the old will reappear for financial gain? Use your brain people.... there is NOTHING wrong with her asking questions!


Michael's will was clear - anyone who disputes it will be excluded for any inheritance. If Katherine keeps trying to interfere, I feel that clause should be executed and she should lose her 40% inheritance. That will teach the Jackson family once and for all to stop being so money hungry and start doing what any normal respectable person would be doing - mourning the loss of your family member! Michael always gave this family money; now they need to be responsible for themselves rather than living off Michael's coattails! The Jackson family is a disgrace; I feel so sorry for Michael having to put up with them for so long.


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