Barack Obama: NOT Checking Out Girl!

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A picture is worth 1,000 words. Those 1,000 words might just be wrong.

A photo of Barack Obama allegedly ogling Mayara Tavares, a 17-year-old junior delegate to the G8 in Italy, has caused quite the stir online in the last 48 hours.

Here's the image in question, in case you have not seen it. Looks a lot like the U.S. President (and French chief exec Nicolas Sarkozy) are enjoying the view, no?

Yeah. Neither smooth, nor becoming of a father of two and a man of Barack's stature. But apparently this was just bad luck for our Commander-in-Chief.

A video of the incident shows that there was likely no ogling involved, rather, the President was snapped at this unfortunate angle at the wrong moment:

It appears that the Prez wasn't sneaking an inappropriate peak; instead, he was just helping another young delegate down the stairs at the time.

Sarkozy's intentions? Not as clear.


oh, and Sandrine.... CEO stands for Chief Executive Officer.... what, precisely, do you think a president is? And, it didn't say he's a CEO... it said "French chief exec"... so... read a book, and get smarter. You fell short of it, today.


Whatever. I'm a man, too... and we all look. I don't even like Obama, but I'll give him a pass for this one... if I didn't know she was only 17, I'd have looked, too.


it clearly shows who was checking her out, and it wasn't obama. what gets me is that this 17 yr. old looks a lot older from the back with the way she is dressed, once she turns around, you can see in her face she's a teen. i believe the dress was totally inappropriate for a teen-ager.


that picture is absolutely hilarious! maybe he was trying to sneak a peek on the sly who knows.


Since when is Nicolas Sarkozy a French CEO??? He's been the PRESIDENT of the French Republic since 2007....


no gay barry's not looking at no damn girl!


I just wanted to say that this picture is funny, and I knew when I had first seen it he was not actually looking at the ladies backside but just caught in motion... Its still funny though even Mr.Obama will have to admit one day.

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