Aunt of Robert Pattinson Warns: Stay Away from Kristen Stewart!

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We still don't know whether or not Robert Pattinson is actually dating Kristen Stewart. The rumors and reports seem to change daily.

The latest talk, within celebrity gossip circles, is that just when the couple had started to get really serious, each side's schedule has created an obstacle:

Stewart is shooting the Joan Jett biopic The Runaways in Los Angeles, while Pattinson has been spotted often on the NYC set of Remember Me (flirting with co-star Emilie de Ravin, according to witnesses).

At least one member of Robert's family believes that something is going on between the actor and his Twilight Saga leading lady: Pattinson's aunt, Diana Nutley, told Life & Style that her nephpew should steer clear of Kristen.

"I don't think it would be a good idea for Robert to be in a serious relationship with Kristen," Nutley said, offering little explanation for her view.

The latest issue of Life & Style explores the relationship between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart (hot!), as well as the imaginary story of Michael Jackson's murder (disgraceful!).

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who cares what roberts aunt says, hes a freakin' 23 year old he doesnt need to listen to her! he should be with any women he chooses to be with.(kristen stewart)


To me it dont matter wat his aunt says cause its rob life and its up to him he shouldnt care all he should care about is that kristen loves him and wants to be wit him but cant wit their two diff movies goin on and rob should tell the pple of magazines that he isnt cheatin on kristen and that he loves her too and that he wants to be wit her too they need to talk not egnore eachother...


God Rob's 23 can't his aunt understan that he ain't lil anymore, and kristen makes rob happy shouldnt his aunt be happy insted of being a the evil person here


Robert's Aunt is seriously cruel for doing this to him and to Kristen. They like each other and apparently a lot! He can date who ever he wants. It's none of her business or anyone else's for that matter. Leave him alone and let him and Kristen be happy together.


Where the eff did she come from...Seriously.Back off woman...Be happy for them and support them....I think she is is just in for the money...robsten all the of luck!


check this out then:


Well said 'What a bunch of unrealistic Freaks'!!
I couldn't agree with you more, I can only guess that a majority of the comments made are by 'younger people', not saying that I'm old!!lol Just more experienced ;)
So there is a chemistry on-set between Rob & Kristen -isn't that how it should be? Surely that is a contributing factor in why they were chosen for their roles in Twilight. It doesn't mean that they are meant to be together...if different actors had been chosen, I'm sure the hype would be the same though - because of the books and the love story it portrays and everyone's desire to want the perfect love story!
I wonder though, who annoys him more on this subject - his aunt or people who are so caught up in the 'Robsten' hype?


i think that its tottaly redicalis if ur aunt says that the only real permichin from is your parents not your aunt if thay was me i would say piss off its my own life and not yours and ill date who ever i want


That makes no freaking sense. If she believes that, fine. But Rob and Kristen can do whatever they want. It's their lives. and they like each other. whats the harm? seriously.


i just don't understand why everyone is so negative about how rob and kristen feel for each other. kristen's mother apparently likes rob, by the video i seen and robert's parents like wise. i pray everyday that robe and kristen become one match. i could see their videos over and over again. they are adorable and when you look at them. they are always looking and each other and smiling at each other all the time. the aunt should leave well enought alone and support robert's feeling for kristen. i can't hardly wait for them to be together again.

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