Adam Lambert and Kris Allen Lead American Idol Tour in L.A.

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Take this, gay-hating bigots!

Just a few days after he and his fellow American Idol tour mates overcame a church-sponsored protest of their concert in San Jose, Adam Lambert led season eight's top 10 artists into L.A.'s Staples Center.

Lambert was often joined in front of the crowd by winner Kris Allen, as well as Danny Gokey, Allison Iraheta and other favorites. His set of songs included:

“Whole Lotta Love, “Starlight," “Mad World,” “Slow Ride” and a medley of David Bowie singles. Below, Lambert and Allen take center stage on the tour stop:

Touring Idols

Will you purchase the debut albums of Lambert and Allen? Each will hit stores this fall.

As you ponder those additions to your iPod, click on the following photos of these rising stars in Los Angeles:

High Note Hitter
Finalists and Friends

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I just cannot wait to see what Adam puts out. He has the most awesome voice whether it is rocking out hitting those pure high notes or sitting softly singing songs like Mad World. Mad talent.


Kris who??? Sorry, I forgot who he is already.
Is he the guy that wore the same pants every week with the holes in them?
If that is who you mean, than -
No, I won't be buying his album. Hardly.


I can. not. wait to get Adams cd in November & November cannot come soon enuf! Can't wait til September to see him in the AI concert & hopefully he'll be on his own ASAP! The most exciting singer ever!


I'll be buying anything that Kris puts out and nothing that Adam does. See I can say that without bashing Adam.


We will be buying Adam Lambert's albums and will also be attending his first solo tour. We are very excited about his music! We can't wait to see what he does next!! He is an amazing performer and will change the history of music. We have no interest in the other guy's stuff at all.


i will be buying everything that adam decides to make available. i will be going to every concert he decides to stage, i will buy every soundtrack he makes. the man who glitters when he struts lights up my life and i plan to make his a little brighter by dedicating my disposable income to his endeavors.


Here is one guy who likes Adam Lambert's music, voice, performance and whole persona. Why? Because he is an outstanding talent in his own right but also reminiscent of all that was and is great in music over the decades. By the way, as irrelevant as it is but just in case you are wondering, I am straight. Also, I'd like to say that if you think Adam's fan base consists purely of middle-aged women, you have neither been to the AI tour, any of the shows during the season, any of the appearances the guys made soon after or even on the guys' sites or other related sites. Aside from male fans (mainly rock fans in its various guises) Adam has a lot, and I mean a lot more teen, pre-teen and tween fans, male and female, than Kris. For some obscure reason (maybe because of Adam's then not confirmed but perceived sexuality) Kris was promoted as the heartthrob even though he very blatantly isn't.


Will I buy Adam Lambert's CD? Heck, yes! I'm still at a loss as to why this guy wasn't discovered as a recording artist years ago. Voice, stage presence, looks, personality, he is simply the whole package. Will I buy Kris Allen's album? Errrrrmmmmm.............. I think I'll pass, thank you. I will listen to it and give him the benefit of the doubt. Who knows? I may be impressed. Good luck to him. He is very deserving of any success that may come his way but he is just not outstanding in any way. A reasonable singer with pleasant but samey tone and a very limited range, a passable musician with no performance skills or charisma. Nevertheless, a lovely guy.


I can feel the VENOM from this writer's heart. To label anybody who does not like Adam's musical style as gay-bashers or homophobes is like saying HAIL HITLER!!! I guess the saying that HELL HATH NO FURY THAN A WOMAN SCORNED applies to anybody who cannot accept the reality that DIVERSITY should be respected. That's why we are in a DEMOCRACY and not a DICTATORSHIP. If you cannot accept other people's preferences, then you are no better than those you criticize. GOD BLESS YOU and MAY HIS LOVE FILL YOUR HEART.


As a rabid Adam fan, it makes me sad to read criticism of Kris. Adam is his close friend; how would we like blanket and sometimes ugly criticism of someone we care about? Let's think about this, please. Every negative jab at Kris would hurt Adam, and who knows what comments they read online? Not to mention the other idols who likely also scan fan comments at least from time to time. Would you say these things if they were in the room with you? Then perhaps they do not need to be said, or to be said in a kinder way. All these idols are pouring out their hearts into their music on a long, hot bus trip. It is way too easy for us to sit back and throw out barbs.

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