Adam Lambert and Kris Allen Lead American Idol Tour in L.A.

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Take this, gay-hating bigots!

Just a few days after he and his fellow American Idol tour mates overcame a church-sponsored protest of their concert in San Jose, Adam Lambert led season eight's top 10 artists into L.A.'s Staples Center.

Lambert was often joined in front of the crowd by winner Kris Allen, as well as Danny Gokey, Allison Iraheta and other favorites. His set of songs included:

“Whole Lotta Love, “Starlight," “Mad World,” “Slow Ride” and a medley of David Bowie singles. Below, Lambert and Allen take center stage on the tour stop:

Touring Idols

Will you purchase the debut albums of Lambert and Allen? Each will hit stores this fall.

As you ponder those additions to your iPod, click on the following photos of these rising stars in Los Angeles:

High Note Hitter
Finalists and Friends

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I will be buying anything that I can find on the stands of Adam Lambert, magazines, cd's, dvd's I hope, cause he is a talented entertainer...I bought 9 tickets for my daughters, and granddaughters and myself to go to the Kansas City concert on August 30th..We will have to wait till next to last but will be worth it..wish it was just him entertainingbut have to take all in a package....I am old enough to remember how Elvis started and Michael Jackson and I am sure Adam will the the world entertainer..Love his smile and so handsome......I won't buy any of the other's albums, we have a lot of the same music out there...


I love Adam's cool clothes, personality and good looks, but I would just like to point out to all those Glamberts that think that Adam is so sexy, that when you buy his CD you wont be able to see him take off his shirt, strutting out in his leathers, gyrating his pelvis or simulating masturbation with the mike stand. You WILL get the sound of his soprano voice. Sexy? I dont think so.


I will buy anything Kris records at any time in the future! Adam is great to look at, and I might go to a concert, but wouldnt buy his music. These two have wonderful personalities and will both be successful. So glad that they good friends, and are looking out for Allison whose talent is amazing at her age.


I'm definitely planning on buying Adam's CD. I love Adam's voice, so I know I will love his songs. I also think that Kris is going to work really hard to put out a great album. I'm going to buy his CD. I'm also going to wait for Allison and Matt to record their CDs. These four are really my favorites, and I want to support them all.


Hi Elias, never said I was an Adam fan, now did I? Actually, I prefer Matt... not sure what beauty tips HE is going to give me.
But, my husband likes his hat!


I went to the American Idol concert last Thursday in LA and it was a great show. Here are my thoughts ... Michael was so much better in person, Megan was awful and off key, Anoop was boring, Scott sounded great, Lil tried too hard, Matt was very entertaining and his voice was perfect, Allison was amazing, Danny was better than I thought he would be, Adam was very screechy (I was prepared to be wowed and wasn't), Kris was mellow (I understand he was at his grandmother's funeral the day before).


I don't purchase music based on any 'fan' type decision. I buy what I like. Of these two artists, I've bought all of Kris Allen's music and bought 'One' Adam Lambert. I have a feeling that I'd probably buy more Kris Allen. Based on what Adam Lambert is saying he plans to deliver, it's just not the type of music I enjoy on a daily basis. If he has a decent workout song or decent ballad, I might buy a cut or two. I'm amazed by the media bias.


Jillson...Nice one. You made me laugh!!!!!!!!!!!Only confirms that you prefer older men who can give you some beauty tips!!


Adam, of course. He is a unique and extraordinary artist. I fell in love with his talent the first time I heard him sing. He's not only visually mesmerizing, he's also a versatile vocalist with a limitless range that never fails to caotivate me. His debut album cannot come soon enough.


I will definitely be buying Adam's cd. I read that Adam has the second biggest website on the Sony Label behind Beyonce. Quite an accomplishment for a new artist.

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