Will Rihanna Stick to Her Story at Chris Brown Hearing?

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Rihanna is set to take the stand as a witness against Chris Brown in his preliminary hearing today, with the festivities starting at 1:45 PM PST (4:45 EST).

Suffice it to say, her testimony is hugely important, an could potentially make or break the case against her ex-boyfriend. All bets are off at this point.

A few burning questions for today's hearing:

  • Will she stick to the story she told cops the night of the alleged beating? Rihanna said Brown had beaten her before and the violence was escalating?
  • Will Brown's lawyer, Mark Geragos, cross-examine Rihanna?
  • Additionally, if the case goes to trial, will Geragos argue that she was the initial aggressor, repeatedly hitting him before he began pounding on her?
  • Will the photo of Rihanna's battered face be admitted? Or the pics that were supposedly taken the next day - after the bruising and swelling settled, and looked even worse - that were not leaked to the press?

The judge has rejected TV or livestream coverage for today's hearing, but we will be posting updates with additional information as it becomes available.


like 4 real rihanna should qo bak 2 chris brown but she's smart i wantd herh 2 break up wiff chris brown kussz chris allegdlii beat her up chris brown l00k kutuhr than drakeokaii dnt kare bowt dhattttt rihanna would makay gud coule wiff drake dnt qo bak2 cb okaii>.


My husband gives me a good lickin from time to time.. no big deal. In the older day it happened all the time, and helped the home to run smoother..we as women do take it too far at times ( now admit ).. no big deal in my eyes.


Probably not. They are probably still and item and just waiting for this HOT mess to blow over. Its a shame...

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