Usher: Cheating on Tameka Foster with Grace Miguel?

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That's the rumor. According to sources, the baby-faced crooner has been seen with a "mystery woman" identified as Grace Miguel, an Island Def Jam staffer.

It gets worse (or better, if you're a Tameka hater, or Grace Miguel).

Usher at the VMAs

Last week, KM Press saw Miguel and Usher - who married Tameka Foster in 2007 - at Malibu Country Market, and the star wasn't wearing his wedding ring!

Moreover, Usher and Grace Miguel were spotted by celebrity photo agency X17 entering the Sun set Marquis Hotel in West Hollywood on Thursday evening.

We think this is Grace Miguel. We are not entirely confident of this, but it's the best we've got for now. The Island Def Jam staffer may be having an affair with Usher.

In February, the N.Y. Post reported that Tameka Foster, who lives in Atlanta with her kids, was livid because Usher refused to let her come to Las Vegas, where he was recording his new album at the time. Usher's rep refused to comment.

Grace Miguel also did not return calls for comment. This is the second most scandalous Usher sighting of the last month, following his night out with Chris Brown.

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you should never go against your mother, if your mother doesn't like them then something is wrong, usher learned the hard way.


should have listen to your mama!!!


Mmm, Usher is actully an immature spoilt brat. who doesnt know the difference btw right & wrong. I dont blame Tameka for hooking him with 2 sons big time! Usher,u seriouslu need to grow up n be wise....marriage aint for u cos u cant control ur eyes obviously. Older women will surely just need ur box.


I agree Usher needs to grow up. First of all, he should not have put himself in a positon where he'd feel obligated to marry Tameka, because of a child. He should have "protected" himself. It was obvious that she got pregnant as an financial security (like some women do). Although he married her, she was in his wallet at that point whether he married her or not. He should have just accepted responsibility for the one child, and NOT married her. But no... he got punked...and now there's two children to support. So she's gotten what she wanted anyway...his money, and some fame. I do not condone his disrespect for his family (wife and children) by his having an affair. Nor do I condone women like Tameka taking advantage of immature men.


What the heck??? Does he like old ladies or what? He goes from one old and ugly lady to another old and ugly lady.


Usher needs to grow up and be a man to his wife ,and his children. He was told not to marry that woman, but he does not want her. You can not treat people like that. You need to ry and work it out. All the children in hollwood see their parent leaving each other on a record number that is why they are havein so many problem adjustint that kind of life which is not normal. The hollywood mom and dad's needs to put their children well being first and work things out like the rest of us. Children first remember, or do not have them to cause them heartache.