Tori Spelling to Jon and Kate Gosselin: This, Too, Shall Pass

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Tori Spelling wrote a best-selling book titled Mommywood.

As the name implies, the memoir was based around life as a mother in Hollywood.

Kate Gosselin and Son

But it looks like the 90210 actress has a short memory, as she recently lamented to Extra the fact that Jon and Kate Gosselin have essentially gone Hollywood.

"I loved the fact that they were a normal family; they weren’t in Hollywood," said the actress, who didn't seem to comprehend the irony in appearing on the show to promote the fourth season of her reality series, Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. "It’s hard for me now to see them on the cover of People magazine... It’s gone to a whole different level, and I feel bad for them."

We're not defending the atrocity that is Jon & Kate Plus 8, but note to Tori: you've made a living off that same exact level!

Pictured above: Four giant boobs.

Spelling also offered some advice to the Gosselins: "I hope they’re prepared for what they are going through and just know that this too shall pass... Next week, it will be someone else on the cover and you can go about your life."

Wrong. We're sorry to say, but there definitely will NOT be someone else on the cover of Us Weekly next week.


If I got paid as much as they did... I wouldn't care. Everyone in Kate's family said she did it all for the money. There are some episodes where she completely ignores her children. Please. I have no pity for them. They chose that life, and it's her own fault for acting like such a bitch to Jon. She was completely in control of that poor man. She'd say do this and he'd jump to do it, it's like come the hell on lady, do it yourself! As for Tori, she does great with her kids. She doesn't ignore them, and they go just about everywhere she goes. She is a great parent, and a great person. Go Tori!


you know, it seems to me that these poor people can't even correct their children the way millions of parents do. we have no idea what happened. the paparazzi are nothing but stalkers. what are their lives like when they put their cameras down? how do they dicipline their children? leave this family in peace. they are human beings. if you are so confident that your life is so perfect then you do a reality show and let the world judge you.

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