The Bachelorette Spoilers: Absolute Kiptyn-ite!

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"These bachelors are making Jillian weak at the knees ... but one ... is absolute ... Kiptyn-ite!" - Ridiculous, lame ABC promo announcer guy

"That dude is literally good at everything, which sucks." - disgruntled, competing Bachelorette competitor, on Kiptyn

A new promo for tonight's episode of The Bachelorette implies that Kiptyn, considered by many fans to be a serious contender amongst a field comprised largely of n'er-do-wells, will be sweeping Jillian Harris off her feet this evening.

Moreover, he may be questioning the motives of some of the others on the show (cough, Wes). Whatever the outcome, Kip is the center of possibly the lamest marketing hook in reality TV history (a bold statement), as evidenced by the clip below ...

Follow the jump for a second preview of tonight's episode of The Bachelorette, in which Jillian takes the guys curling. She's Canadian, don'cha know.

Guess it was only a matter of time ...


I agree what Rachel said that Kiptyn is perfect for her. I don't think the bachelors are perfect for her because all guys are fake and have girlfriends. They should tell her the honest about that. I am sorry that Jillian was upset. I hope she will find Mr. Right. She is real beautiful woman.


kiptyn is perfect for her i mean look at their face and aslo wonder how their kid are going to look like
ihate you jake sorry fans my bad


the guys there are really funny!when they are inside the house(without Jillian), you can see their true colors, which is a little bit of bad boyish and a lot of kiddish!!hahaha!!!they are just so very entertaining to watch!especially the dance instructor guy--forgot his name--he's really funny and charming in a way....:P He's like a kid,,i just want to pinch him on the cheek!!!really cute!


By the way, WES is such a coward!!!he should have spoken up!!BE A MAN WES!!he's not there for the right reasons and he needs to go back where he belong!!Kiptyn is really HOT!!that body of his knocks me out of my feet!whoohoooooo.....


Kiptyn really is KIPTYN-NITing!!! really want to know now who "Jilly" picked at the end!!aren't there any spoilers here!!love spoilers!!hope it's Kiptyn!really like him for Jillian!!please tell me who won this competition!I need something to keep me watching this show!!well...watching kiptyn with Jillian is enough...hahaha...but knowing that he is the one Jillian picked will really let me want to watch this show even more!


The thing that's extra lame about that is the quote about the guy being good at absolutely everything was said about JESSE not Kiptyn! Stupid editing. And marketing.

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