Taylor Lautner Warns: New Moon is "Heartbreaking"

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Attention, Absolutely Insane New Moon Fan: you may wanna stop reading right about now.

When asked by Extra about the upcoming Twilight sequel, Taylor Lautner didn't reveal any major spoilers. But he did say:

"There is heartbreak and, oh it's horrible. New Moon will rip your heart to shreds. So get ready!"

Don't worry, T-Bone. Fans are ready.

Taylor Lautner Poster

As for his shriek-inducing topless scenes, the actor said conditions weren't ideal for him to go all Matthew McConaughey on viewers. But, hey, you gotta suck it up.

"I was shirtless, all I was wearing was shorts. We were in 35-degree (2 degrees Celsius) weather. They poured rain on us, which is like ice cold. And the scene was like four minutes long and I'm just sitting there and you can't look cold. I'm the only one. I'm just standing there like basically naked with everybody bundled up in this ice cold weather."

At least the end result is worthwhile. Those that have seen Lautner shirtless pics aren't complaining .


I love Taylor Lautner and I had a dream about him I mean be more of a friend and I am 13


I hope Taylor dont get sick I LUV U TAYLOR


taylor has stolen my heart he is so hottt! i fell in love i wish i it would have been me in those sences


OMG, i actually think iam inlove. Hes so buff, and is it me or is his skin like alwayz glowing?


taylor lautner is soooooo hootttttt!!!!! this ipcture is amazingly sexy!! :) you could see his 'quilet tattoo' :) any girl probably die just to have him ( also edward cullen )yuppp :)


edward/Robert who? Oh Taylor ...you steal my heart

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