Suspicions Surround Death of David Carradine

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Earlier this week, actor David Carradine was found dead by a Bangkok hotel maid.

The Kill Bill star was discovered with a rope tied around his neck and his genitals. While Carradine's rep referred to the tragedy as an "accidental death," new reports are casting suspicion around the incident.

According to Chuck Binder, the star's manager, via TMZ, Carradine was found with his hands tied behind his back, making it difficult for one to hang oneself, or even for a mere accident to be blamed for the death.

Moreover, the hotel in which Carradine was found has been slow to release surveillence tapes from the day in question. We'll have more on this shady story as it develops.


Carradine's suspicious death may come under the microscope again with the release of the new book, "David Carradine: The Eye of My Tornado". I wonder if it will look at all the different conspiracy theories.


It's shady to say the least! suicide - one of the top 3 stupidest things I heard today on NBC The guy had everything to live for. He had got himself clean and into fitness years ago and was going to shoot a film in tailand in two weeks. I heard from my buddy who works at MTV. He knows one of his groupies. He was found with his hands tied swinging in the closet of his hotel with an apple in his mouth. tai mafia - thier version of a mexican necktie Common in tailand I guess. They are well known for killing porn actresses this way. They probably know who is responsible but are paid to say suicide or whatever. They don't care either. Those responsible will never come to justice. Just counting their cash. What a waste of life just for the insurance money on the production. His talent will be missed. Kill Bill is a classic.


This is not a suicide. A lot of other news outlets in europe are reporting this was a sex act gone wrong.


Oh, HaHaYourself, Trying out a little material on the occasion of a person's actual death? HILARIOUS. Sleep well, with dreams of empathy.


Oh c'mon. We all really know what happened. He woke up to the terrifying discovery that after all those years of being called "Gwasshoppa"...he still couldn't hop six times his height. So he tried to slingshot himself to the ceiling. That's why there were TWO ROPES.


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