Stephanie Pratt Tweets Theory on Missing Air France Flight

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As the world holds its breath waiting for news of the missing Air France flight from Rio de Janeiro to Paris, everyone is searching for answers.

Fear not, though. Stephanie Pratt is on the case.

The Hills star and painful sister of Spencer Pratt just summoned all 70 of her I.Q. points to Twitter this ridiculous nonsense: "I really dont think its the result of a lightning strike... Why is my gut thinking it was a terrorist act."

Steph Pratt

An Air France Airbus A330 with 228 people on board disappeared over the Atlantic Ocean early Monday morning after suffering multiple breakdowns during a fierce electrical storm on a flight from Rio de Janeiro to Paris.

The flight is feared lost after it encountered an electrical storm with very heavy turbulence and lost radar contact about 15 minutes later.

It is a tragic, and terrifying event. Our thoughts are with everyone involved.

But come on, Stephanie Pratt. How big a moron are you? Some people should have their Twitter accounts - and reality TV contracts - permanently revoked.


Wow. The fact that you're hanging on her every Tweet means you're just as vapid. Congrats!


Planes just don't fall out of the sky. There is a better chance this plane "disappeared" due to terrorism than due to lightning or a choppy You are all fools for thinking terror couldn't possibly be the cause. Fools I say.


Hey, while unlikely terrorism still has not been ruled out. Officials are still considering it a possibility. AirFrance delayed one of its flights a couple days before the crash after receiving a bomb threat. Also ships in the area saw an explosion in the sky. A bomb is also capable of sending the same 10 signals the plane sent before it fell of the radar. While I see it very unlikely that a bomb was the cause, don't be so quick to judge without knowing the facts; the fact it is you who made yourself look like the idiot here.


um, it's totally possible it was a terrorist attack. that model airbus has never crashed before, planes are designed to handle heavy lightening and storms, and 2 Lufthansa planes went through the exact same area 20 mins before and after the Air France plane. terrorism hasn't been ruled out yet, so back off.


Her brother is so sly and smart (though evil). How did he end up with such a thick and gormless sister?


That girl takes dumb to a whole new level. On the hills she looks so dense and brainless. When she is at work-it's classic. You can see her three brain cells working to help her figure out what she is supposed to be doing.


She should join the NTSB to investigate more airplane crashes! Not.

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