Stephanie Pratt: Heidi Montag Was Tortured, on Deathbed

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Reports surrounding the hospitalization of Heidi Montag as she filmed NBC's I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! in Costa Rica continue to show varying, conflicting accounts of how The Hills star was/is being treated on the show.

Stephanie Pratt, the annoying and generally worthless co-star and younger sister of Heidi's husband Spencer, says Montag's health was pushed to the absolute brink.

"Heidi was virtually on her deathbed," the She-Pratt said Sunday in L.A. "She's never been sicker in her life. I can't believe NBC did that."

Stephanie says she spoke to her brother over the weekend. "He was calling my mom until like 5 a.m. with updates about Heidi," she said. "They are just in the black rooms with no food or water and freakin' spiders biting them."

Asked if Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag will be staying on the show, the younger Pratt opined, "I really don't think so. Heidi is really in bad shape."

Earlier today, we reported that Spencer threatened legal action against NBC for the couple's treatment. But Celebrity insiders contradict these claims.

"The accusation that the couple was harmed in any way is completely false," the source says. "The room was not filled with critters and they were protected from the elements, unlike the other contestants, who endured some strong thunderstorms."

"When they came out, they were in good spirits ... No one at any point was held against their will. Everyone who is there wants to be there."

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have already tried to leave the set of I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here! more than once since its premiere last week.

On Thursday, Pratt and Montag were banished to the show's "Lost Chamber" (below) as punishment for leaving the series after an epic meltdown ... then asking to return the very next night after blaming Satan and reconsidering.

While Stephanie Pratt says the couple was in the chamber 72 hours, a source says the couple was only there for 14 - 4:30 p.m. Thursday to 6:30 a.m. Friday.

The next day, Montag was admitted to a Costa Rican hospital.

"Basically, she started throwing up," Pratt explains. "She threw up like 30 times because she had no food in her. I guess she went unconscious and was rushed to the hospital with an IV in her arm. I understand [that quitting the show] was not cool ... It was absolutely awful. But the punishment they got went way too far."

Another insider claims that Pratt is exaggerating.

"There was no torture. Heidi and Spencer were covered with a ceiling and walls while their castmates have been through thunderstorms every night," the source says.

"They were not stuck in there for days, as Stephanie Pratt is claiming. She is talking like they were locked up like prisoners at Guantanamo Bay."

NBC had no comment. The show's production company, Britain's ITV Productions, refuted claims the couple was deprived of food or water: "All allegations of the celebrities being deprived of food and water are completely untrue."


Theyr both twits n so fake


Wow... Talk about idiots!!


Its weird cos on The Hills Heidi seems like the more sane one of the two and she's not all bad but when you hear about her in the press she is come crazy phsyco. Its not like a big deal but people don't know what to believe ?


what happened to you heidi? you never needed this kind of fame... you're suppose to be a star.


Omg!! haha seriously......their last name says it all!!
I live in the UK and have been keeping up with the story on E! and on the internet. Its totally stupid!!! Have they ever watched the show?? EVER??!! From what i can gather, it would be a no!
If this story had broken out in the UK They would be made laughing stocks.
Just goes to show, reality isnt the cure for everything Speidi


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Anyone notice as she was getting in the SUV at the medics (on the way to the hospital) she had completely fixed her make up??
These two have made a laughing stock of this show. I can't find the words to describe how disgusting and repulsive they both are.


Try harder NBC, don't worry, we'll get em' next time, lol


Kudos NBC!

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