Spotted Kissing: Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin!

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Emilie de Ravin, welcome to the doghouse of 12 million 'tweens.

Just who the heck do you think you are, flashing that cute smile, dangling that gorgeous hair and flaunting those long legs in those impossibly short shorts?

Pattinson, Lautner and Stewart

Pressing that perfect body up against Robert Pattinson, the primary love interest of hordes of teenage girls across America, Europe and the world?

Emilie De Ravin, shame on you ...

Okay, so Emilie and Robert are merely shooting scenes for their new movie, Remember Me. But can you honestly deny the steaminess of this photo? No you can not.

She's just doing her job by making out with Robert Pattinson, but that is not likely to get Emilie removed from the hit lists of adolescent girls everywhere.

Especially not after reports that Emile de Ravin and Camilla Belle doubled up for a date with R-Pattz the other night. Who says sharing a guy can't work?

Fans can hold out hope that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will one day be together, but for now, at work anyway, he's all Emilie's. More photos ...

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putaaa larga meu homi >:(


Heyyy,,,, I HATE ROBLIE!!!!
I LOVE ROBSTEN!!! Go robsten!!!!!!!!!


I agree with Le and robstenfan! No chemistry!


kristen steward more beatiful than emili de ravin :))


uhh.nasıl yha edward bellanın bella edwardın bak qörün yakında ikisi mqercek hayatta öpüsürkende cıqar


Haven't any of you heard of publicity? Now we do not hear much about Rob & Kristen since the movie fever has died down.
Am I the only one who noticed how Kriten Stewart in recent photos brings to mind "heroin user"? Check ot the contstant scratching and how she always looks stoned! (And by stoned, I do not mean of the herbal variety!)


I can't believe this, gosh i hope they are just acting ROBSTERN all the way!
Emily is such a s.l.u.t i mean thats bellas man the Twilight sweet hearts.
Everyone would of known that Rob and Kristen were going to break up soon but why when Twilight was still going I hope that the passion and love is still in the movie between Bella and edward,
an some1 please tell me ROBSTERN are still together/or not
The emily girl and Rob better b acting in the pic!


ewwwwww nothing will happen between them


He might be leaning away in this shot because she interrupted him while he was trying to write in his journal... you know, for the movie they're co-starring in. They're all just acting; it's not real. Either way, I like all three actor/actresses, even if both Kristen Stewart's and Robert Pattinson's acting was [or is it were?] wretched in the Twilight movies. But what can you do when playing a Mary Sue character and her controlling, manipulative boyfriend? Also, both Stewart and de Ravin are good-looking girls. It doesn't matter who's prettier. It's all on the inside, anyway.


guess what , i'm not okay with that !!
Rob , is better with kris .
i hate emilie .
she's too ugly for a perfect rob .
god damned .
i guess hell turn to be cold .