Spotted Kissing: Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin!

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Emilie de Ravin, welcome to the doghouse of 12 million 'tweens.

Just who the heck do you think you are, flashing that cute smile, dangling that gorgeous hair and flaunting those long legs in those impossibly short shorts?

Pattinson, Lautner and Stewart

Pressing that perfect body up against Robert Pattinson, the primary love interest of hordes of teenage girls across America, Europe and the world?

Emilie De Ravin, shame on you ...

Okay, so Emilie and Robert are merely shooting scenes for their new movie, Remember Me. But can you honestly deny the steaminess of this photo? No you can not.

She's just doing her job by making out with Robert Pattinson, but that is not likely to get Emilie removed from the hit lists of adolescent girls everywhere.

Especially not after reports that Emile de Ravin and Camilla Belle doubled up for a date with R-Pattz the other night. Who says sharing a guy can't work?

Fans can hold out hope that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will one day be together, but for now, at work anyway, he's all Emilie's. More photos ...

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hes just doing his job andhopefully he is just a really good actor. this is kristans man shell straighten him out if she needss to. STAY STRONG KRISTAN


what are you people 8 years old? its his choice not yours. if he wants to be with her then he can be. get your face out of your twilight book and grow the fuck up.


I extremly hate her she is trying to break up kristen and rob!!!!


How old are people here today? Calling Emilie a slut cuz she's kissing him? Saying Rob should be there with Kristen instead. I'm not saying Kris is not attractive, cuz she is, but Emilie is way prettier than her for one. 1. Rob looks like he's smiling in the picture. 2. You don't need to lean in to kiss someone when they're on top of you, they get close to you. 3. You don't have to hate because your life's dream of being with Rob is never happening.


Thats not in real life. Thats for the new film that they are acting in, ''Remember me''. dont believe me? Look it up on youtube where you will see a scene exactly like that with the exact same clothes on.


Kristen isn't a whole lot better Emilie. Just because Bella and Edward were meant to be, doesn't mean Kristen and Robert are as well. Besides, who are you guys to say that Robert belongs with someone else? Isn't that HIS decision? I think he'd be very ashamed of you girls..



I hope the girls take Emily


i think he sould be with kristen they make such a cute couple on screen and off f### that emily girl that is kristens man forever and not emilys that s$#@% bye


well i think it is non of our biswax to see who the fuck rob is dating.and by the way my cousin forced me to see this yah get a life u freakin hobbos.

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