Spotted Kissing: Miley Cyrus and ...

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Nick Jonas is not going to like this.

Miley Cyrus might have reconnected with Nick in recent weeks, embarking on some jet skiing fun in Savannah, Ga., and spending lots of QT together, but the 'tween queen is surrounded by serious hotties at every turn.

The Disney star is in Savannah shooting her new Disney project, The Last Song.

That's all well and good - or was, until the 16-year-old was seen locking lips and sharing a passionate embrace with a guy not named Nick yesterday.

Who could it be?

  • Ex-beau Justin Gaston, rekindling the passion?
  • Hunky Australian actor Liam Hemsworth?
  • Random British singer Steve Rushton?

Follow the jump to see who's wrapping their arms around our girl ...

Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth

Yup, on the first official day of filming, here's Miley Cyrus kissing her co-star, Liam Hemsworth. Looks like she's definitely enjoying that kiss, doesn't she?

Sure, they're just filming The Last Song. But they're kissing like it's their last day on Earth. Maybe she's just a good "actress" and Nick need not worry.

But it's hard to tell. Girl definitely looks like she's having a fun time to us.



well i don't really think this thing is real . i mean their lips are not in the right places, but like you said, nick isn't gonna like this no matter if the photo was true or a lie.


she is not going to be on my role modle list now thats what iam saying


shes being to much at her age... if she's like that at the age of 16 imagine wut kind of probs she's gonna have at the age of 20 and up


i don't see why everyone's making such a big deal mileys just doing her job any way he is so much hotter than nick


hey u guys r probably right i meen she is filming a movie but it just seems so i dont know..... different then an actres would do at the age of 16


i love u miley.... but i think u should make up ur mind, because this is a life time.its awesome that u like guys but u gotta choose 1 not 2 keep on rocking!!!!




Come on! Do you know what does the world "acting" mean? Actually, I don't think so. She's playing in a film, and it'a a good thing that it does look like she enjoys it because it proves, obviously, how good actress she is.


Oh my god!!
That is so cute. somethimes I just wish I could be just like her with her life and everything! Its so not fair. I want to follow in her footsteps. She is so cool. How comes people like her get all the good looking guys. Lucky!


i love u sexy cyrus
show me your bra


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